GTA Online’s Shark Cards Have Made at Least $500,000,000

Have you wondered why GTA V doesn’t seem to be getting any single player DLC, despite it being teased, hinted at and even promised a few years ago? It would seem the answer is simple: there's no point.


[Update] In addition to the info above, it's been stated in the court documents that GTA V as a whole has generated $3,000,000,000 since its release.

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NerdBurglars1986d ago

we only have ourselves to blame really. i hate these damn things, but the world seems to love micro transactions these days. why would a dev spend millions developing dlc when they can do nothing and make millions

chrish19901986d ago

Makes me fear that RDR2 won't have a decent DLC like Undead Nightmare, that's if they make a western version of the Shark Cards.

RiseofScorpio1986d ago

They'll probably sell you automobiles for crazy high in game prices so your surrendered to microtransactions.

DoctorFry1984d ago

You'd be lucky to even see a new Red Dead in the first place. Honestly, shark cards can hold Rockstar until GTA 6 is in full production.

Palitera1986d ago

If any of you recall, anyone who warned that GTAV MP mode (that everyone like to call GTA Online, a different game lol) is designed like a free to play game was heavily disliked.

Well, now you can beg for SP DLC as much as you want.

FullmetalRoyale1986d ago

I don't understand. If your comment hadn't been disliked, would we have gotten SP DLC for GTAV? People online giving Rockstar the benefit of the doubt, prior to the release of GTAV(with their proven track record) somehow are to blame for Rockstar's subsequent decisions?
I don't like what Rockstar did with GTAV, the lack of single player dlc I mean, but I'll buy the next Red Dead day one, man.

gninja921986d ago

considering how esy it was to get moeny at first, and then with Heists it became 100X easier why would anyone waste money on the shark cards, i mean doing 1 heist with all the setup missions will get you more money than most shark cards would.
WHO, FUCKING WHO was dumb enough to buy this shit?

Grap1986d ago

I really disliked R* after GTA online, it's one of the most lamest and dumbest online modes out there.

lipton1011985d ago

I never got into gta online. Heists were cool once I got a hang of them but overall I've always found it boring

Kryptix1986d ago

Disappointed in the people who bought this sh.. shark cards.

I'm not sure about Red Dead 3, but this just means that the next GTA will have the same microtransactions.

People will argue, they're just shortcuts to those that don't have the time, but first of all, anyone can buy them. Also, this means that Rockstar can make items more expensive in game to urge people to spend real money for fake money.

Before you say, Rockstar would never do that, haven't played GTA Online since the beginning.

They have patched the game to slow down money making multiple times. Made high paying missions more difficult or have a lesser payout. Deathmatch or competitive modes payouts used to be about how many kills you had, what place you were, not about how long you've been in the match, resulting in less money for more work.

I think they also limited the amount of cars you can sell in a time span.

Yea, they have added free content as it went on, but the development of those things don't reflect on how much Rockstar has made with the game. And that free content, you still have to grind money for it, even more reasons to urge players into buying shark cards.

GTA Online was fun, playing with a full group of close friends, so I'm not bashing the core, just on how it was affected by the microtransactiins.

Hopefully Red Dead 3's multiplayer doesn't become that way. I would hate to see unfairly long grinding for top tier horses and weapons. I'm sure there will be a ranch feature where you take care of it and get rewards the better it is. Imagine the grinding to maintain that if something similar to shark cards was incorporated.

KingKevo1986d ago

Well at least the DLC in GTA isn't as offensive as in other games. Nothing is behind a pay-wall and you can get all the content you can buy with money for free as well, all you need to do is play the game.

Now the payrates and the ammount of money you get hasn't changed dramatically and imho it has gotten easier to make money in GTA, however what has changed is the ammout and price of the new items in the game. They started adding a lot of new items and the prices for them are relatively high so if you want to play to get all the new cool stuff you'll need to play a lot.

Still it's not as bad as other p2w games and still better than any other games I play but it has gotten more abusive in a way and they really want to push you towards buying a shark card now, something that wasn't really that big of a deal in the first year or so after the game's release.

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franwex1986d ago

I think the next GTA will be online only.

Omeganex99991986d ago

This comment made me lose faith in humanity again.

immabadguy1986d ago

This isn't youtube. You have to actually put a bit of thought into your comment.

SarcasticDuck1986d ago

he dies and Near ends what he couldn't!

Kryptix1986d ago

The "L" and "W" comments are very lazy attempts to show opinion. Just like many other cancerous terms I have seen on YouTube recently. Instead of being yourself, you want to follow trends like sheep.

Just be you, a unique human, and stick with it. Best advice.

Rachel_Alucard1986d ago

I wish people thought like this, but because of that we have cancer like memes being spread around and out into the real world and it's all thanks to these people.

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NobleRed1986d ago

Never played the online part and never will. Well I guess here's the reason why we got no story dlc.

Deadpooled1986d ago

You're missing out. Lots of crazy mods online, my personal favourite is "rockets vs insurgents".

franwex1986d ago

It brings new life to the game actually, I play with friends to this day. I'm predominantly a single player too; but I never write off multiplayer if done right. This game with friends is a lot if fun.

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