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I toughNAME I3706d ago

I find it odd how an essential prequel (pre-Halo: Combat Evolved) can still look Next Gen.

Love that armour.

StephanieBBB3705d ago

I thought there only could be one?


6 players online multiplayer ftw.

Spartans hijacking enemy vehicles in rts glory - not long now!

Oh yeah nice cover

MvmntInGrn3706d ago

Really shouldn't be a halo game, RTS and FPS couldn't be more different, then again this confirms it'll sell 3million + copies.

Oh how sore those Halo teets must be.

iceice1233706d ago

This is the 4th Halo game. That makes four Halo games over the course of eight years, not milked like a certain ratchet&....

Lucreto3706d ago

Ratchets fanbase is not really that big and they wouldn't make tons of money unlike Halo which is mainstream where slapping Master Chief on anything will guarantee big sales.

Bnet3433706d ago

So you're saying Ensemble copied Square Enix?

LightningPS33706d ago

just a bunch of random spartans.

kamakazi3706d ago

uh they all look alike.

thebigtarget13706d ago

ya lets have a whole different suit for each individual spartan!!!
not really...

SixZeroFour3706d ago

nice cover...almost like a screen from the first halo wars trailer near the end

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The story is too old to be commented.