Rumor: Crysis coming to PS3/360 in Q2 2009

"According to a PSU source, Crytek is planning to release Crysis bundled with the new expansion Warhead on the Xbox 360 in Q4 2008 - Q1 2009, followed by a PlayStation 3 version in Q1-Q2 of 2009.

Our source explains that Crytek is focusing on each systems threading core, and that the team is taking their time with the PS3 version, learning to utilize the Cell processor as effectively as possible in order to push higher quality textures, improved A.I., and more."

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reincarnated3759d ago

if this does come out for 360 and ps3, the ps3 version will be better hands down, its no use denying

Statix3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

It's not always true in every single case (when it comes to multiplatform games), but there is reason to believe that it may be true for this particular type of game, just because of how CPU intensive it, with regard to all the physics and destruction and such, lending itself to a lot of parallel processing. All of it has the potential be handled very well on the Cell processor.

BrotherNick3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

Who cares? This is why you have two bubbles, just be happy it's on your consoles, without mods, or extra content w/o fees. -_-;

TheColbertinator3759d ago

@Brother Nick

Nice avatar.Samba De Amigo Rules

osamaq3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

The X360 will be better, Why ?!!!
Cause the 360 Has GPU with 512 MB and the the PS3 has only 256
The Main memory for the X360 is 1 GB (1024 MB) while the Ps3 has 256 MB only which will reduce the number of object that will be loaded in the screen specially with crysis that full of jungle trees it will looks like crab in the PS3 version see the link

INehalemEXI3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

Osamaq you better research a bit more on those RAM #s there way off.
F it here it goes.

360 unified 512mb RAM 700MHZ , The 360 gpu does have the benifit of eDRAM dedicated to AA.

PS3 256 XDR @ 700 MHZ and another 256 @ 3.2 GHZ Cell has access to 1 chunk while the RSX has access to both. Note how much faster that memory is...
the RSX has access to 512mb of better faster memory then the 360's gpu.
Note. In this structure the cpu and gpu never have to fight for Resources.

So the RSX has access to 512mb of memory too and its faster more efficient RAM. It does not have eDRAM though.

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INehalemEXI3759d ago

The best thing that could come of this is that developers will notice how great Crysis looks on consoles and they will start using CryEngine2 for there games too instead of the same old lets use UE3. Which translates into a 2010+ line up of games that is more graphically diverse.

DeadlyFire3758d ago

It will be lucky to run on either console without some noticeable changes to the game. CryEngine 2 is all powerful, but unless they can cut out some stuff and optimize it to run well on the consoles you will be lucky to see 30 fps on either one of them. Its possible though with lots of hard work. I don't know if Crytek is into the whole working hard on a game thing though. They perfected the engine well, but not optimization or performance...

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predator3759d ago

so 360 early next year with PS3 version in the summer. would be great to see how they utilize each system

Vicophine3759d ago

Yup, more companies need to do this. CONSOLE OPTIMIZATION FTW

BiggDaddy3113759d ago

But I think if it does get ported over we should expect some delays, I would be more convinced of a summer and fall release, This is the type of game that I think they would want a few months to hype before release and seeing as January is a little more than 4 months out, they would certainly have offically annouced it by now unless they are going to at PAX. But we will see. I would say January Crysis release as likely as March release for GoW3... or in other words not very likely.

TheColbertinator3759d ago

I'm sure Crysis would be a better choice on the Dreamcast 2

Fowack3759d ago

i liked the old you better.

Pain3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )


TheColbertinator3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

Due to restrictive Microsoft online service,laclkluster Nintendo online,and basic Sony online Crysis will inevitably choose the Dreamcast 2 Online Service with free creative features

InMyOpinion3759d ago

DICE 2 you mean? Oh yes, I played Phantasy Star

TheColbertinator3759d ago

I played Phantasy Star on the Dreamcast back in the day.I played it on 360 also which is pretty good and much better than FFXI

InMyOpinion3759d ago

Yes, I played it on my DC as well. Did you play Floigan Bros? Underrated game. Very entertaining, but hard.

name3759d ago

I'm sorry, but crysis is meant for PC. The allure of the game was how technically advanced it was, wasn't it? My PC can't even play the game, but it can play most of the PC games which come from the PS3/360 lvl. I'm open to playing it, but if I could barely make room for multiplatform games this year, I'm sure crysis won't be on my checklist in 2009.

TheColbertinator3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

True enough.Crysis is much better on the PC...and the Deamcast 2