Ten Ton Hammer: Final Fantasy XI New Content Preview

Ten Ton Hammer's last press tour of Final Fantasy XI's Vana'diel came as an introduction to all of the new content packed in with the Wings of the Goddess expansion that was released in November 2007. ONE PR's Tyrone Rodriguez emphasized how much Square-Enix has opened up the game to more casual players. The new Campaign system allowed for more episodic play that left players feeling rewarded even if they could not devote hours to a single gaming session.

This time, Rodriguez wanted to give me a peek into the continuation of that story and to introduce me to the new battle system that allows players to spawn notorious monsters (raid mobs) pretty much at will.

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RPG Guy3705d ago

Has never appealed to me. That 18 hour boss fight is simply stupid. I found Yaizmat to be a waste of time and this is even worse.