Two Worlds: Epic Edition Goes to Retail

GamingShogun writes, "SouthPeak Games today announced that Two Worlds: Epic Edition is now available for PC at retailers nationwide for $19.99. Two Worlds: Epic Edition is the ultimate compilation including all previously available add-on content..."

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Bombibomb3705d ago

Epic Fail Edition, you mean. Two Worlds is one of the worst RPG's ever made.

Nevers3705d ago

at Epic Fail Edition... hahaha

sumfood4u3705d ago

look like fun doing garaa sand shield block move an summon 3 rock titans! I dont really care for dumb AI just wondered why the PS3 version got canceled lol! Prolly 360 version flopped!

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Nevers3705d ago

I mean the simple fact that people bought enough copies of this load of crap to justify another release is simply MIND BOGGLING !!!!!

TheColbertinator3705d ago

Unfortunately its all hype.This would never be the case with a game on Dreamcast 2

Fowack3705d ago

everywere i go you are talking about the dreamcast 2

hay3705d ago

@SIX-0-3: Look at his avatar.

Squeezing money with Epic Edition, eh? It sucks the game failed. I remember first announcments, it seem so cool and awesome back then. Like most epic fails.

InMyOpinion3705d ago

This game is better than suicide! =)

Nevers3705d ago

But if inanimate objects could un-make themselves I wouldn't be against this game performing a ritualistic eviseration with a dull blade.

Scuse me while I quest for my Taint now....

GameOn3705d ago

I would expect most things to be better than suicide.

InMyOpinion3705d ago

Exactly! Anything is better than Two Worlds! =)

Bubbles up Ninjitos!

personGR3705d ago

Actually guys, the pc version of the game was quite good.
Ok the 360 version was crap, but the pc one (with the help of many patches) is interesting...

AIi_The_Brit3705d ago

Another awsome xbox flop i see

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