Chip makers get moving with motion sensing chips

Reuters Reports:

"Chip makers are convinced of the potential for motion sensing chips in portable gadgets, thanks to the success of Nintendo's Wii game consoles and Apple's iPhones.

The market for micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) devices, which detect motion using acceleration sensors, could reach $7.3 billion this year and $11 billion by 2011, Taiwan chip maker TSMC has said, quoting independent research.

Sony Corp has also entered the motion chip market with its egg-shaped Rolly MP3 player, which lets users adjust volume by turning the player in their hand.

The chips work by incorporating tiny gyroscopes and accelerometers, which detect magnitude and direction of acceleration, allowing the Apple iPhone to spin a displayed photo and gamers to play by waving a controller attached to their Wii consoles."

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