Screen Play Preview: Heavy Rain

Jason Hill Writes:

"Heavy Rain creator David Cage's first skill listed on his CV might be "writer", but he is definitely also a showman.

Players of Fahrenheit, Quantic Dream's last bold attempt at interactive storytelling, will remember he cheekily inserted himself into the beginning of the game in virtual form so he could play a post-modern tutor.

At a carefully rehearsed 45-minute demonstration of PS3's most ambitious and important game for 2009 during last week's huge Games Convention in Leipzig, David Cage again reveled in the chance to theatrically present his latest creation.

Delivered in his delightful French accent, Cage's narration of what is described as a throwaway bonus scenario of Heavy Rain (not part of the main plot and might not even appear in the game) built to an exciting crescendo. And (very unusually for an intimate presentation) when Cage was finally finished and breathless, the media throng could not help but applaud both Cage's fervent delivery and his obvious passion for advancing the art of interactive entertainment.

Whether Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer (to give the game its full, still-mysterious title) can live up to Cage's lofty ambitions, and the expectations of publisher Sony is still uncertain, but what is clear after the presentation is that this will be a pioneering and fascinating game when it is released in around 12 months time."

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Bombibomb3706d ago

Another incredible preview for the best looking game ever created by man. Check out this one. And this one.

Shaping to be GOTY for 2009.