Do WE Plan to Buy VR Headsets this Year? - Game Scoop

IGN: "Enough about you -- let's hear from us!"

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ArchangelMike2065d ago

Yep. I got mine pre-ordered already.

gangsta_red2065d ago

Hell Yea, I'll be picking mine up when I go through a drive thru.

SunnyZ2065d ago

Would you like childhood obesity with that?

gangsta_red2065d ago

I know right. Not only are you adding an ungodly amount of calories and fat but now you get to sit on your butt and be transported to a virtual reality.

It is seriously America's worse nightmare come true.

SunnyZ2065d ago

AR (Actual Reality) is more than enough for me for now.

gangsta_red2065d ago

Hmmmm...I heard that has a low price tag of free.

GryestOfBluSkies2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

living in the real world is the furthest thing from being free

MegaRay2064d ago

F2P with tons of expensive in-app purchases XD

Kurt Russell2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

FYI, AR stand for Augmented Reality

bjmartynhak2065d ago

I'm too lazy to keep calibrating this kinda stuff. Lack of "standard" entertainment center helps too.

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