NGamer: Dead Rising: Chop till you Drop Preview

NGamer writes: "A great, big festival of incredi-carnage, Dead Rising on the 360 was at the same time a blistering sandbox version of George A Romero's Dawn Of The Dead, and a truly awesome technical showcase for 'next gen' hardware. It was an epic, tense, genuinely funny, ludicrously violent action game that featured more (undead) onscreen meatbags than most games manage to dish up in their entire playthrough. And the best thing about it?

There were 250 different ways to off 'em. Yup, that's right, 250. Regulation weaponry such as guns, katanas, chainsaws and axes were always going to be on the menu when you're busy ruining zombies - but buckets, toy swords and mannequin arms? Among the first wave of 360 games, Dead Rising was without doubt a genuine standout."

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