10° Preview: Fracture Writes:

"It's always a bit odd being invited to play the multi-player component of a title when I haven't played (or in this case seen) the single player. My skills – or lack thereof – with FPS titles are nearly legendary here at the site. I'm abysmal with arcade shooters; passable if they require skill and I'm playing defensively or the hated sniper. Throw me into a situation with anything but the "usual" and I need a little time to adjust. That's what single-player is for! But, I didn't get to play single-player...

Fracture is one of those titles that means so many things in context. The United States "fractures" and becomes the "countries" of the Atlantic Alliance and Pacifica; due to massive global changes, the actual continent fractures as well, leaving a dividing line between the new nations; beyond mere geography there is a fracture in ideology over what constitutes being human based upon genetics and cybernetics; and then there is the ability to literally fracture the landscape – terrain deformation as you battle your way through the game. It's a rather loaded word and it fits well."

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