Man Attacked With Baseball Bat Over PlayStation 3 In Big Island

A Big Island man was attacked with a baseball bat over a PlayStation 3 console.

Big Island police stated that a teenager hit a Kailua-Kona man with a baseball bat when he attempted to steal the man's Sony PlayStation 3 video game system.

The victim was 26-years-old and was treated for pain in his left arm from being struck with the baseball but. He refused treatment.

The suspect is being described as being about the age of 18-years-old and about the height of being six-feet-tall.

He was also described as having short black hair. He was wearing shorts and a red T-shirt during the attack.

Police stated that the attack occurred around noon when the man was walking south along Queen Ka'ahumanu Highway with a PlayStation 3 console.

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THWIP5245d ago

...just for WANTING a PoS3. :o

ASSASSYN 36o5245d ago

Why do all these idiots whom get attack walk down the street with their PoS3.

Marriot VP5245d ago

I don't get why people continue to be harmed over the demand. PS3's are selling for their base prices on Ebay, (60gb for 600 after shipping) and so on.

But than you think about it and PS3 is just an expensive electronic. It's like mugging people for cash.

MicroGamer5245d ago

I look like an ax murderer when I go out shopping. Nobody would dare mug me with less than an Uzi or Mac-10 in their hand. I managed to get my PS2 and my original XBox home on both launch days without so much as a devious glance from ne-er do wells.

calderra5245d ago

-Virtually nobody was ever harmed for Xbox 360, even when it had massive shortages well into (late) Spring.
-And I think there is literally no case on record of ANYONE being seriously harmed specifically over Wii, even while its still being sold for well above retail on eBay, even while it's had the most massive console launch (ever?).
-Yet people are being attacked for PS3s that are barely reselling at cost- especially when you factor in shipping, tax, etc.


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