U.S. NPD Sales Watch 2008 - (January to July) writes:

"Welcome to's 'U.S. NPD Sales Watch 2008' feature. Using numbers provided by the NPD Group, this feature will provide a quick glance of the U.S. videogame hardware situation throughout the 2008 year

Which company moved the most hardware?
Is the PS3 gaining ground in the U.S.?
How many months did Nintendo top the charts?

These and many other simple questions regarding videogame hardware units sold in the U.S. will be answered via easy to read charts. No long winded writeups, just cut to the chase concise observations and charts for your viewing pleasure.

If you have questions or concerns, please check out the F.A.Q. for more info."

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Silogon3705d ago

Well, I guess this leaves very little for xbox fanboys to leverage against. Sony's kicking the P*ss out of the xbox 360 and it looks to continue all the way to January if NPD is to be believed. this is just in america too.

Xbox 360 is pretty much an after thought at this point and it still hasn't sold to 1 person outside the original 26 million xbox owners. Xbox 360 will be a hardware failure for Microsoft but a software winner for 3rd parties.

Good on Nintendo and Sony, though.

Euphrate3705d ago

Faking MS better hurry up and do someting now.

DavidMacDougall3705d ago

Nintendo is fu{king unstopable

theKiller3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

its crystal clear 360 will be last and always last!!
those who own both 360 and ps3 r clever gamers, those who own ps3 r clever gamers and investors for they look up in the future and know ps3 is future proof and will be(it is already) best console out there, those who owns 360 r the loosers and they deserves every money MS sucked out of them and the garbage console!

morganfell3705d ago

If there is a special bullet for the months the 360 out sold the PS3, why is there not one for the months the PS2 out sold the 360?

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

xBox 360 'NPD' = xBox 360 'Now Painfully Dying'!!! ;-D

POOR POOR xBot Lemmings on this and their King RATS on this and other sites wasting 2 years of their little pathetic Lives trying to stop the PS3...and it hasn't worked!!! ;-D
PRICELESS!!! ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D

As the Famous Film goes -

'Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only Hope'

'Help me, Gears of War 2, you're my only Hope'!!! ;-D

blackbeld3705d ago

History repeating on 360!! hahahaha 3th place on xbox now on 360... this generation again.. the name 360 realy suites microsoft game console hahahaha..

Bathyj3705d ago

Heres a good point lots of people over look.

Bots are always telling us how Sony has "Lost" marketshare and XB has stolen Sonys customers.

Unit 360 passes XB1's numbers, Sony hasn't lost a thing. M$ haven't even sold to all of their own customers yet, how can they be stealing Sony's?

Plus the market is a lot bigger now. Alot more people play games now, and more people are likely to have 2 consoles has well. Even if the 360 had 40M sold Sony still has over 100M potenial customers. They've lost nothing. It just take time to sell all those consoles. Some are waiting for a certain price, some are waiting for a certain game, but probably 90% of gamers plan on getting a PS3 at some point.

Haters keep saying it will take forever to catch up "at this rate." Personally I dont really care when or if it ever catches up overall. XB is only in front cos they jumped the gun, they've never been selling faster. But the fact is PS3 isn't staying "at this rate". Its speeding up all the time. Its already a winner, outselling XB every week. The overall number is just another milestone they will reach, whenever. Yes "at this rate" it will take a while, but once PS3 is full steam ahead, and you know M$ will be looking at XB720 it wont take very long at all, if they haven't got there already.

Now shrug these figures off all you like Bots, but this time last year losing on your home turf was UNTHINKABLE. Now, its just normal. Momentum has shifted and with one side climbing higher while the other slides down, its not staying "at this rate."

Mr Bot3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

made a trick to make the ps3 owners happy this year because they r so excited about the ps3 year, so we stopped buying multiple 360s so the driods will get a bit happier! but dont worry driods we from october will continue to buy the 360 even if we own one already just to make our company happy and keep healthy sales for 360!! i personally own 7 360s, some of them i use for heating and cooking purposes!! and i will continue to buy a new 360 from october!!

Mr Bot

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SpecialSauce3705d ago

PSP is all around multi media. NDS is kiddy touch screen fun.

Drekken3705d ago

I think advertising plays a key roll in that. Every single little kid I know owns a DS. I am a PS fan and I bought my niece a DS because to me, it feels like DS is more for kids around 5yrs old. PSP is more of a big boy toy.

Droidbro3705d ago

The PSP being a piece of crap also plays a big role there. Also, having no good games and being a waste of money and time also effect people's preference.

Drekken3705d ago

Droid - You cant just spit out opinions as they are a fact without having some proof. PSP is the most advanced handheld on the market.

WIFI, Plays movies, games and music, connects to the ps3 and plays games remotely. This thing can be modded to play any game in an emulator - I have been out with my cousin at a bar and he didnt like what was on TV - HE USED HIS PSP TO CHANGE THE CHANNEL. You can talk on SKYPE with it... hmmm what else?

You fail.

SmokingMonkey3705d ago

can the DS play 32 player online? NO the 360 barely does that!
SOCOM 1 and 2 on PSP are 32 players online so is Medal of honor2 FREE
Oh yeah how about hooking up your DS to the Wii? sure for Pokemon!

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Atomic3705d ago

I'm sure Mister Shane Kim aka "SpinMaster" has something to say about the matter.

el_bandito3705d ago

I bet it comes with a frown.

jahcure3705d ago

or did MS do better in terms of market share and overall console sales during the months they said they were experiencing "shortages"
How could this happen? If anyone can explain this i'll be eternally gracious.

rroded3705d ago

really starting to wonder if that big price cut is gonna help the 360
tho really it will b in the wii range price wise and is a better deal imo. At least powerwise and it has better games...
One things for sure if it does put them over the ps3 in sales Sony will def make a cheaper sku to.

HipHopGamerShowFan3705d ago

I think HipHopGamer may agree that you cant have an excuse for everything.

Montrealien3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

nice article, the small internet minority that actually cares about this will have a bunch of fun and useless arguments because of it. I'll go back to playing video games with the 85% of the market that does not care about all this crap.

dan-boy3705d ago

it's a real shock to see that sony can only shift 300k more in NA than microsoft this year so far...but the real shock is it only sold 400k more than the ps2. that console just wont die!

and both sony and microsoft must be hating nintendo. sony has gone from king of the world, to second place in one region in one generation. japan and asia lost to nintendo, NA lost to nintendo and microsoft, and only europe buying ps3's in a significant margin over microsoft....but still hopelessly behind nintendo.

the next-gen of consoles is gonna be even more interesting than this one me thinks.

godofthunder103704d ago

it looks like the economy is hurting all of them right now.If they raise the taxes on people makeing $250 thousand and more(in some states it's hard to live on $250 thousand like in N.Y)and tax the oil and coal companies more then the economy will get worse and we will have to pay higher gas prices first because when they tax the oil and coal companies more they will just pass it down to the consumers

Megatron083704d ago

@jahcure I cant really say why it did better in the shortage months but I can tell you that reason ps3 outsold it is cause they released their big system seller in the summer instead of the normal holiday shopping season. Niether sony or nintendo have any games coming out durning the holidays to help sell their system. Nintendo really doesnt needed any games beside wii sport and wii fit tho. MS seems to always hold all their games back till the holidays. So it pretty much sucks the rest of the year and then durning holidays you seem to have almost to many games coming out at the same time.

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3705d ago
3705d ago
Drekken3705d ago

Militant, I understand English might not be your first language but you need to stop using it. You make no sense. When you talk like you do, you shouldn't call ANYONE an idiot.

vdesai3705d ago

You shouldn't be, sales numbers won't effect consumers. Unless your a stock holder then guess what you lost NOTHING today (unless well Microsoft the whole corporation has gone down in value).

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el_bandito3705d ago

Wow PS3's leading 360 in sales.

Mr_Bun3705d ago

I can't believe that the PS2 is only 100k units behind the 360!

CaptainHowdy3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

Vying for the best use of DVD software.