Best Uncharted Multiplayer Maps

The 7 best multiplayer maps in the Uncharted series. Uncharted multiplayer is filled with action packed gameplay.

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jony_dols2483d ago

UC2's Village map hands dowm

Movefasta19932483d ago

They should remake that map with uc4's engine,or just redo the best uc3 and uc2 maps as dlc.

Crimzon2483d ago

Here's my personal favorites that I'd like to see return:

Lost City
Desert Village

I think Highrise in particular would be great fun with the addition of some grappling points to make use of the new grappling hook. I always loved how vertical that map was and getting to swing around would be great fun.

MONOLITHICIDE2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

They kind of did that for uncharted 3 multiplayer. Except they change the maps around for instance the cave in U2 was snowy then in U3 it was just rock.
Anyways heres hoping. ALSO best map was pretty much any from U2. U4 beta maps were great.

Kurisu2483d ago

I'm not really much of an online gamer but I enjoyed what little I played of the Uncharted 2 multi-player. I don't think I even bothered with the multi-player in 3, but I'm looking forward to trying it out in 4. I'm not subbed to PS+ at the moment but I'll be subbing on the 10th May :) (or maybe a little later - single player first!).

brando0082483d ago

I miss Uncharted 2 online. Practically deserted servers now

isarai2483d ago

No Yemen? Seriously felt like that was the best map PERIOD