New Gears of War 4 Trailer Gives Me the Chills

Jo from GamersFTW writes: "Well, where do I even start with the new Gears of War 4 trailer? All aboard the feels train, it will be leaving the station in approximately five minutes.With the little bits of information we have been fed over the last few months this new trailer still doesn’t give us great deal; what it does give us is a glimpse of the happy life Marcus Fenix had before everything went belly up, switching between JD as a child running towards his father contrasted against him running away from monsters."

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1noobgamer981d ago

I'm not an Xbox fan BUT Gears does want to make me get on. It's a great franchise and looking forward to the next installment!

Septic981d ago

Tbh it will most likely release on PC. If you have a gaming PC then you could save some cash.

My excitement has increased for the game too although I wasn't a fan of the initial gameplay reveal. I still think the devs should been a bit bolder with their approach in terms of changes to the title.

I'd make it more up close and gritter. But at least the story seems a bit more serious and not full on dudebro like the last few games.

illtownNJONE981d ago

have you been watching rod ferg interviews?

ScarzFX981d ago

Why do people like you try so hard to get people to not buy an xbox one lol

Septic981d ago

"have you been watching rod ferg interviews?"

Nope. Why?

"It's not coming to PC dude."

Are you sure though? The original Gears came to PC and with MS' new stance, I don't see it not coming to PC.

"Why do people like you try so hard to get people to not buy an xbox one lol"

I'm not trying to do anything. I'm just saying that IF he has a PC then there's no point getting the console for just one game IF the game comes out on it tis all.

nX981d ago

I'm expecting it on PC as well, especially after Quantum Break and Forza. I always liked the Gears games but they never made me buy a Xbox.

981d ago
Majister-Ludi981d ago

Always trying to start shit huh. No reason to bring that up. As it stands it xbox exclusive but yea come on it and try ND stir things up. Guess that's why your name is septic cuz your full of shit. Why can't people on this site just enjoy games instead of being caught up in nonsense.

GrubsterBeater981d ago

You people do realize that Septic is a big supporter of XBox, right? Why are you all giving him a hard time like he's against XBox or something?

t-hall785981d ago

Anybody seen the titanfall 2 teaser yet? Gears and titanfall are my 2 favorite shooters. (Not really a shooter guy). E3 is looking to be epic.

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RosweeSon981d ago

Same here lost my love of Xbox over last year or 2 but yeah does look really good actually, thing is been here before we've all seen glamourous trailers like Killzone only to be slightly disappointed by the final product so I'll wait it out but yeah it's look pretty good.

oasdada981d ago

That's the thing.. I can't stop watching this trailer and reminds me so much of the mad world one, the one that made me buy the 360. But at the same time it also reminds me how the game was NOTHING like what it seemed and felt from the mad world trailer, the first time when Marcus saw a hanging corpse and said 'NICE' I k ew it was a different kind of game than from what I'm expecting. I have both my fingers crossed that gears4 is more like this trailer, trusting the Calition!

Yukes981d ago

To be fair, there isn't an awful lot to go on from the trailer. It works well as a mysterious, tantalising glimpse, but purposefully throws up more questions than answers. That's kind of to be expected, though - it's a teaser, not a gameplay trailer after all.

UnHoly_One980d ago

I don't think there was ever a point where Marcus said "NICE" in response to seeing a hanging corpse, unless you just happened to be doing a perfect reload at the same time.

oasdada980d ago

@unholy.. either ur memory is bit jogged or you havent played it, its in the opening minutes of the game both the original and ultimate edition.

ScarsOfViolence981d ago

I love GOW so much but I just don't love it enough to take the plunge for an Xbox one, not when PS4 has superior hardware.

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illtownNJONE981d ago

ps4 have better res xb1 have bettter graphics "so far"

981d ago
BiggerBoss981d ago

But Xb1 doesn't have better graphics....

Sunny_D981d ago

Lmao wtf does that mean?

Lennoxb63981d ago

So I'm guessing you were an Xbox, Nintendo, and Sega gamer the past 3 gens. Cause this is the first gen where the PS has been the better performing console.

981d ago
981d ago
NeoGamer232980d ago

Yup, because gamers buy consoles because of superior hardware. They don't care about games.

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christocolus981d ago

Yup. That trailer really got the hype rolling. A lot of positive buzz. Can't wait to try out the beta.

ninsigma981d ago

Trailer was so good and the song is one I've actually been listening to a lot lately. It fit the trailer perfectly.

Shazz981d ago

really is a fantastic trailer , just like mad world gives u those feels

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