Gamasutra Interview: Tose's Stealthy Outsourcing Progress

Two years after Gamasutra's first in-depth feature on the company, they revisit Tose to find out how Nintendo's market dominance in Japan is affecting the development climate, about the challenges Japanese developers face in reaching Western audiences, and whether Tose -- who primarily develops now for Wii, PS2 and DS -- is prepared to make the move onto next-gen consoles.

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JoelR3707d ago

As mum as ever about projects. We have whiners here who are complaining that they are left off the credits in games such as Fallout 3 and then we have Tose - who does not allow their name or their employee's names to be practically any game they make... Makes US developers seem like whiners.
They are hiring in the US - if you can convince them that you are good enough :-p