Vooks Reviews: Soulcalibur Legends

Vooks Writes:

Soulcalibur Legends takes place in the time period between (very little known) Soul Edge and the (much more well known) Soulcalibur. The game primarily follows the story of Siegfried Schtauffen, the "poster boy" for the series who is pretty much Soulcalibur's version of Darth Vader, except he lived after his descent into evil, and became a better person because of it. Upon finding the legendary cursed blade, Soul Edge, Siegfried has an encounter with Cervantes de Leon, a pirate who many fans of the series will know, and is subsequently tasked by the Holy Roman Empire to find the remaining shards of Soul Edge in order to defeat Barbaros of the Ottoman Empire. Although it's not an overall interesting story, with several carbon copied characters being created for the series, it does do a lot for the series in illustrating the path that Siegfried took to become Nightmare. The game does a great job of foreshadowing the events to come, and fans of the series will feel accomplished knowing the details brought up.

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