Bring Back Spyro the Dragon Petition started to bring Spyro back to Sony

A new petition has been started online to help bring PlayStation 1 icon; Spyro the Dragon back to PlayStation consoles.

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Relientk772423d ago

Please save Spyro the Dragon. Sony/Insomniac Games you must do this.

Abash2423d ago

First we need Crash back, then we can worry about Spyro

UltraGamer662423d ago

Abash, well there is currently rumors circulating Crash could be coming back at Sony's conference at E3 this year to celebrate the 20th Anniversary so we have to stay hopeful.

Personally I'd love to see both come back as these 2 characters were my childhood and essentially got me into games (along with Mario, Pokemon and Sonic the Hedgehog).

StormLegend2423d ago

I want Spyro way more than Crash, but both would be even better!

bouzebbal2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

First we need people who show real support to platformers by BUYING them before there is any hope of Crash return.
I loved the first 2 Spyro games. Never played the Activision sequels but i'm glad Insomniac created Ratchet & Clank. The idea is brilliant.

naruga2422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )

yes ! give SPyro back to Sony! ..but priority has Crash bandicoot (if he s not already given ;))

NukaCola2422d ago

If the world is OK with Cartoon platformers still, then I really like this.


Would like to see them return.

Retroman2422d ago

Konami need to bring back Contra and Gradius for ps4 as well.

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UltraGamer662423d ago

As a Spyro the Dragon fan personally I agree with you completely. I would love to see Spyro come back in his own platforming game.

Skylanders is good but it's not really a true Spyro game in my honest opinion.

Zeref2423d ago

So it wont be saved if it's insomniac multiplat?


GrubsterBeater2422d ago

First off, Spyro isn't Pew-Pew enough to do well on XBox.

Second, it started off being only on PlayStation (with it also releasing on Gamecube, which made sense).

Stop being a brat.

Zeref2422d ago

I'm the brat?

lol good thing you guys aren't running any of these companies.

GrubsterBeater2422d ago

Yes. You are the brat. I thought you may have subsequently followed your question with a reason as to why you are not a brat, but I was wrong.

I never said I don't want the potential game to be on any other platforms, it just would not need to be on any othet platforms to BE successful. Generally these games do not sell on XBox, so it would be pointless to release it on that system. Nintendo would be a good platform to release on, but I doubtthat would happen.
Regarding your first comment, "Pathetic" would be the sales if they released this game on Xbox.

Zeref2422d ago

Skylanders AKA activisions Spyro seems to be doing just fine on Xbox. (it actually outsold the playstation version)

The last Spyro game sold 450k on ps3. and 350k on xbox. How is that pathetic? although 450k is not even that impressive to begin with.

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-Foxtrot2422d ago

They can if they wanted

People think Activision use Spyro for Skylanders despite the fact they've never marketed the ugly new Spyro design or used him for years.

They don't even call it Skylanders: Spyros Adventure anymore.

They just used Spyro to get Skylanders off the ground that's all.

He can come back to Sony, there's a good chance and if Crash is at E3 this year with Sony having bought the rights off them then Spyro should be next

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PhoenixUp2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

It's not like Activision will actually sell the rights at this point, especially with Spyro being a character in their successful Skylanders franchise.

Not only that but Insomniac themselves admitted they were running out of things to do with Spyro after the third installment since he didn't have hands to do a lot more conventional things, hence why Year of the Dragon had multiple playable characters. I'd rather not see them try to beat a dead horse. I'm fine with them continuing to do more work on the excellent Ratchet & Clank series.

UltraGamer662423d ago

Yeah that is a pretty valid point. Well I suppose us fans can at least hold out hope and keep positive. I mean this petition could help Sony notice just how badly the fans want Spyro back in addition to Crash (Granted I think Crash is probably more wanted at this point.)

Still though no harm in trying =)

Germany72423d ago

That's true but i also believe that Skylanders could exist without Spyro now, it's not even a Spyro's game anymore.

-Gespenst-2423d ago

Do kids play Skylanders because of Spyro though? I feel like most kids who play that game have no idea who Spyro is. I think Spyro was used by Activision to get Skylanders off the ground, but he's outlived his usefulness in that regard. I think Activision can afford to let him go. On the other hand, it's hard to imagine them relinquishing the rights to such a big videogame character that they could make a lot of money from.

Killustrious2423d ago

@PhoenixUp: Completely agree. Skylanders has been far too much of a cash cow for Activision, kids seem to love Skylanders. Crash hasn't got Activision anything, so Sony buying Crash back seems much more likely.

Jimneous2422d ago

They could always retell his story like they've done with Ratchet and Clank.

gangsta_red2422d ago

Do the new Skylander games even have Spyro in the title anymore?

I am pretty sure they don't. For whatever reason Activision thought Spyro was needed to make Skylanders a hit (and maybe it's true) since it is a hit. But now I don't think they need Spyro.

But even then, no way is Activision giving up on that character and a potential new IP starring one of their skylander guys in a solo game adventure.

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-Gespenst-2423d ago

I played Spyro 1, 2 and 3 back to back this year. They're still great, even if a little bit too easy at times. I'd love a new Insomniac-style one with a Stewart Copeland soundtrack, that'd just be glorious.

Omeganex99992423d ago

Are you people mentally damaged or what? How is a stupid petition news? Why would Activision care about an online petition? Are you serious?

garrettbobbyferguson2422d ago

Spyro and Crash are infinitely better games than most released today.

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