Square needs to “step it up” with Kingdom Hearts III’s development, says Axel voice actor

Kingdom Hearts voice actor Quinton Flynn–who voices Axel in the series–needs Square Enix to “step it up” with Kingdom Hearts III’s development.

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PhoenixUp1196d ago

We heard then speaking English in the E3 2015 trailer, so I thought the localization process was going faster than usual. Generally we have to wait longer to see a Kingdom Hearts game get translated during previews.

It could very well be that they just haven't gotten to recording lines for Lea yet rather than there being no work done at all on the localization at this point.

Yi-Long1195d ago

I really hope this time Square-Enix will also include the Japanese voices for the Western release.

smashman981195d ago

I don't hope they don't do it and for your sake and all others like you I hope they do include it as it has no effect whatsoever on me.

MJunior1195d ago

Square Enix needs to step it up with a lot of things.

smashman981195d ago

Really because square seems to be on a roll to me

KentBenMei1195d ago

Agreed, especially respecting their own games and franchises, and genres they have had a hand in perfecting (turn-based JRPGs, namely). Chrono Trigger can't even get an HD remaster 20+ years later in a generation of remasters, FF7R and FFXV are damn ARPGs...Square is simply not the Square I knew.

Don't even get me started on their lack of support for Vita, Wii U, and even (though to a lesser degree) 3DS. Their focus on Mobile is disgusting, too.

indysurfn1195d ago

I can't find a single letter in your comment that I can disagree with! WELL SAID AGAIN!

AizenSosuke1195d ago

SE needs to step up big time.

feraldrgn1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

Possibly my favourite KH character, got it memorized?
I liked his friendship.

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