Left 4 Dead Out On November 20

Description from Kotaku,

"Left 4 Dead was coming out on November 4. Was! Not is. Because it's had a slight change. In an interview with Gamekings, Valve's Gabe Newell has announced that the game will now be out on November 20. Doesn't have the "4" tie-in they were originally shooting for, but it is the tenth anniversary of Half-Life's release, so those hoping for some degree of sentimentality are still being catered for."

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Charmers3733d ago

Hm not a good date to release a game on the PC to be honest. A day later PC gamers are getting GTA 4, whilst I do like Half life 2 and most of valve's stuff I am afraid for me it will be Rockstar getting my cash that week/month. Ho well I can always pick it up later on.

Boldy3733d ago

Well I think it will probably work best for Xbox 360 owners being as the old released date of Nov. 4th was just 3 days before the release of Gears of War 2.