It's Been a Year Since Its Release but GTA V Still Looks Unbelievably Beautiful Thanks to Its Mods

DSOGaming writes: "Grand Theft Auto V was released a year ago on the PC (April 14th). However, thanks to its really active modding community, Rockstar's open-world title has been able to achieve - in some situations - photorealistic visuals, and remains one of the best graphically games released on our platform."

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Deadpooled1664d ago

Servers are still full of players on PS4 aswell, fantastic game

SolidStoner1664d ago

lol, of course it is.. and will be for minimum 5 years! :D

this game sold more than any other.. used blu rays still sell for 40 euro easy.. while other games goes under 25 euro after two months..

All that says about the quality of the game... well except online portion of the game.. worst balanced game I ever played, game modes are weird and unfinished, you still cant play with friends normally (server hosts are terrible) and those loadings are what ruins fun... weirdly still one of the best games I ever played! :D

sander97021664d ago

Still playing SP and still waiting for that SP DLC announcement... :(

Deadpooled1662d ago

Read a report today that Rockstar made $500 million from Shark cards alone. Unfortunately I don't think they'll provide Single Player dlc when they're raking in so much from the fantastic online.


it's an amzing game I think from a technical perspective.

it's open world, one of the largest open worlds, the graphics on every level from building to plants to convertable cars etc. the level of detail right down to the trash cans is impressive.

the animations etc. it's just all so well put together.

iTechHeads1663d ago

It's been out for way more than a year. More like 3.