Sex Sells - Booth Babes to attract attention

The slogan "Sex sells" is fully applicable to the target group of the gaming industry. The Games Convention is an almost perfect platform to advertise new games and the companies hire Booth Babes to draw the visitors' attention. PCGH assembled a gallery with pictures of the GC 2008 Babes.

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meepmoopmeep5753d ago

horny geeks & sexy chicks
no psychology major needed to figure out this is a working formula.

sumfood4u5753d ago

lol an women wonder why men look at them like pieces of meat! that my Gist of it!

deeznuts5753d ago

Doesn't need to be geeks. Sex sells across all demographics.

NegativeCreep4275753d ago (Edited 5753d ago )

Too True. These other guys act like only geeks get horny and find a nice pair of juggs hypnotic and domineering.

Sex has sold since the beginning of time!

Look at the story of Adam and Eve (I don't necessarily believe in that, but it does illustrate my point) Adam was eventually exiled by God because he listened to Eve, and why did Adam not use his general logic and avoid taking the forbidden fruit?. Because that hot piece of a$$ called Eve insisted he do it and he fell for that common mistake most men make: Hey If I do everything she askes me to do, she'll start to like me and she'll jump in the sak with me.

ThanatosDMC5753d ago

I disagree, they may look delicious to look at. But once you're actually there grabbing and $%^@ing on them... you'll notice the big difference.

Yes, im an expert like Patcher so i would know.

DRUDOG5753d ago

Pachter isn't much of an expert, more of a theorist and he's often wrong so I don't know if comparing yourself to him is such a smart idea. :P

ThanatosDMC5753d ago

Well, i thought it was obvious that's why i didnt have to write "/sarcasm".

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi5753d ago (Edited 5753d ago )

The 1st Photo is my...QUEST FOR BOOTY!!! ;-D
(Not that i looked at the Photos...i pressed the Link by mistake...)

Jdoki5753d ago

Nothing says 'we make a quality product' like a girl in a skimpy outfit and hooker heals.

Long live the booth babe!

AAACE55753d ago

They go hand and hand! Look at the facts.

E3 was the biggest entertainment show in the world! Then more women attended and then people voted to get rid of the booth babes, and then E3 was cancelled after the next year!

Sometimes I don't get people on here! Ok, you say you aren't attracted to game characters...Ok I see! And now there are real women and people still have something negative to say...I really don't get it?

Yes these women don't look reserved as most, but each individual is meant to be judged in their own way! If you look at one female and form you whole opinion about women based on that one... then you need to get to know people more!

That's like that stereotype about gamers being fat, lazy, worthless, living in their parents basement, etc.....Do you believe that as well?