Army of Alain - Inside EA Montreal

Alain Tascan is almost certainly not the image of an EA employee that most people would have in mind; he's emphatically French, and resolutely not afraid to speak his mind. It was speaking his mind at the recent Montreal International Game Summit that led to headlines across the specialist press for the charismatic General Manager of EA Montreal. Speaking during the roundtable discussion that ended the summit, Tascan said he felt the recent Xbox 360 title Gears of War brought "nothing in terms of innovation to the shooter... Like, zero," adding, "myself, I prefer something more creative."

It didn't take long before people brought up the irony of an executive at EA, most famous for their annual sports franchise titles, making a comment about innovation. The day after his infamous comments, Gamasutra had a chance to talk with Tascan and tour the EA Montreal Studios.

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wolfgang5242d ago

This guy is the worst thing to append to EA Montréal. When they put him in charge of the studio, he fired so many good developpers so he could replace them with his incompetant friends. Worst thing is, now they are suing the fired employes to prevent them from being hired by Ubisoft.

Xtrm L1481L1TY5242d ago (Edited 5242d ago )

EA has "developed" a bad name for themselves in the last couple years. Their games focus more on quantity rather then quality and gamers know this. What's funny is what I just said, is NO shock to anybody. Once again, everybody knows this. And if you don't, you betta ask somebody!