Quantum Break Review - Germaximus

"TLDR: I bought my Xbox One specifically for this game and I do not regret it. That said, my disappointment in the game turning out to be a walking simulator is pretty high. It’s just worth it. It’s so worth it. I’m not saying go buy an XB1 for this game. I’m saying I don’t regret it. Quantum Break is an incredible experience."

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sammarshall1022733d ago

I agree Quantum Break is a masterpiece

MagicBeanz2732d ago

I get what you're doing, but QB is far from being a masterpiece. Its not a terrible game it just has to many issues to be called a masterpiece.

sammarshall1022732d ago

Too many issues is exaggerating IMO

BiggerBoss2732d ago

So what, does it have like just the right amount of issues?? Lol.

I think the consensus is that the game isn't a masterpiece (77 Metacritic).
It's like with gamers nowadays a game is either trash or it's a masterpiece. Some games are just good games. Quantum break is a "good" game.

MagicBeanz2732d ago

To many issues to be considered a masterpiece is all I'm saying.

Germaximus2732d ago

LOL I didn't say it was a masterpiece. =p

sammarshall1022732d ago

I agree with your good points and I think it is a masterpiece ;)

StifflerK2733d ago

Great game - really enjoyed it.

I like the idea of a challenge mode (suggested in the review.)

It'd be nice to see game-play oriented DLC that has you make use of the time powers in different ways - maybe something like 'arcade mode' from Alan Wake American Nightmare.

Germaximus2732d ago

I've been replaying the game and missions over so many times just so I can skip to the combat. Really enjoy the time powers!

magiciandude2733d ago

This game is amazing. The first really good game I've played this year. It really lived up to my expectations and beyond.

killer_goat2732d ago

You must have kept your expectations low. Like myself.

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Fez2732d ago

Quantum Break looks great, my kind of game (minus the live action cutscenes) but I wouldn't buy a console for it. I was a bit disappointed when I got a PS3 with cod4 and uncharted and completed them in two days. Both brilliant games, arguably better at the time than quantum break. Consoles are only worth it when there's multiple games you want to play for it.

Germaximus2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

I totally agree but I badly wanted Quantum Break. I love Remedy's games. Of course I also get to play other XB1 games as well but this was my main reason for wanting the console.

Overall the XB1 has been an incredibly disappointing mess of a video game console. For awhile I despised hitting the power button to turn it on. Now I'm just used to it.

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15 Games That Like to Play With Your Mind

GB: "Some games reduce stress while others like to play with your mind."

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banger88148d ago

15 games on FIFTEEN pages? That's a NO from me.

Manifold Garden
Portal & Portal 2
The Stanley Parable
Monument Valley
Q.U.B.E. 2
Quantum Break
The Swapper

IamTylerDurden1148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

I think Inscryption is the best game on that list. PT and Returnal i would offer. Returnal deserves a spot over some of the listed games. Especially after chapter 3. Maybe even Alice MR? Death Stranding? Kojima all together. To much smaller degree Dead Space. I'm spitballing.

I didn't play Thumper enough to see beyond the visual spectacle. Curious choice.

SullysCigar147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

I'd add FEAR and RE7 (when Ethan starts getting visions, especially in the boat) to that list.

Edit: and Here They Lie

Petebloodyonion147d ago

What no Eternal Darkness on the list?

BrainSyphoned147d ago

Only makes me think of gatcha loot crate game specifically built to play your mind into becoming an addict.


Quantum Break Is Only Temporarily Getting Removed From Game Pass

Xbox has confirmed that the removal of Quantum Break was necessary due to what Xbox describes as "current licensing issues."

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