The Best Gaming PC Money can Buy

From gameplayer...

"In order to play these slices of gaming goodness, you're going to need a decent rig, and we sent our PC hardware guru in search of maximum frames in maximum detail, but at a minimum cost. We have three tiers for the three levels of PC gamers out there and all the detail you could possibly want on where, why and what to buy. So choose your poison and get amongst it."

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moses3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

Durr, Tri-Sli GTX 280's beat 2 4870x2

Also, for the budget, I'd get something like 1066 or 1200 ram instead of just 800.

FantasyStar3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

(3) 280GTX would break the bank around $1200-$1400 right there. (2) 4870x2s is a better bang for the buck all-around $1000-$1200. And even then, some benchmarks show that a single 4870x2 beats a 280GTX. The only benchmark I saw that the 280GTX did better in is Crysis and GRAW2. The 4870x2 has a higher 3dmark score than the 280GTX (Source:Guru3d). If you had to pick between a high end CPU or high end GPU, the choice would be the CPU. I actually think DDR2 800 is fine. DDR2 1066 is great, but DDR2 800 is pretty damn cheap
OCZ 2x(2GB) 5-5-5-15 @ $130 ($105 after rebate)
A-Data 2x(2GB) 5-5-5-18 @76 (no rebate)

Although I personally would never use the full 1066 or 800 mhz because I'm a fan of the 1:1 ratio concept because it keeps my system running cool.

mstanglx953707d ago

I'll take 2x of the $12k ones, -38 degrees celsius....holy cow! Rock on!

saruwatari3707d ago

PC is a piece of SHlT


Console FTW

DiLeCtioN3707d ago

i buy consoles cus i dont know too much about PC specs, gaming etc.

But hey they trying to help people so good job to them

BigKev453707d ago

Yeah, PC gaming is dead. Leave PC's for apps & the Internet not for gaming.

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