Blood and Wine DLC For The Witcher 3 Release Date Possibly Revealed By Polish Gaming Website

The Blood and Wine DLC for The Witcher 3 might still be a few months away from release if a notable Polish gaming website is to be believed.

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BartMoons2992d ago

This DLC alone will offer more content than most recent new full games. Day 1.

bixxel2992d ago

Truth be said, you are absolutely right.

starchild2992d ago

Yeah, I can't wait for this. I absolutely love The Witcher series.

joab7772991d ago

Yep. I hope square follows suit with FF15. As well as every other game coming.

But if ya wanna do dlc right, follow CDPR's lead. A full fledged game on its own basically.

asad1972992d ago

Best game of this generation. So much amazing content. Really is one of the greatest game of all time.

VER1ON2992d ago

Worth all the awards it earned.

pyroxxx2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Basically platinum-ed it (just running on easy for all the cards now),.. and it is not,.. Combat is a piece of shit and barely works, though now that I am not running death march,.. it is more bearable ,.. still clunky as shit,.. you know you have a problem when Risen 3 has better combat ,.. (it actually has)

Love the game and what they done with the world,.. still think it is overrated a lot ,.. there are things that are fantastic,.. and then there is the game (movement is overanimated unresponsive mess as is the combat even with alternative movement settings,.. You get used to it, but it is never really good)

@Bansai ,.. not really,..Fallout 4 is clunky mess also,..as far as these two games go,.. Witcher is probably a better game,.. but to tell you the truth as far as fantasy RPGs go,.. I think even DKS2 with all its problems is a tighter game then Witcher 3

Bansai2991d ago

lemme guess, "fallout 4 life" ?

Lilrizky2991d ago

it's clunky, but it works fine IMO.

not as good as something like bloodborne but certainly better than assassin's creed.

jeremyj29132991d ago

That was my issue with it. I loved the world and the characters but the combat and lackluster magic made me lose interest pretty quickly.

FullmetalRoyale2992d ago

Still need to buy the first dlc. I planned on playing it immediately after I got the platinum, but I was afraid of burning out. I think I've been holding out on the first one until the second one comes out. The idea of having another thirty hour adventure in that world feels worth waiting for. I do miss it.

ReesesPuffs2992d ago

I was a little skeptical about the first expansion for Witcher 3 but once I got it I was blown away. If you enjoyed the main game you won't be disappointed.

annoyedgamer2992d ago

My PC needs an upgrade before I can play my day 1 copy :(

Takwin2992d ago

The Witcher 3 will remain my favorite game ever for a long time. I'm extremely excited for almost 20 games this year, but none more so than this one!

starchild2992d ago

I feel the same way. This is one of the highlights of the year for me, at least in terms of my anticipation and expectations.