Hideo Kojima: Future Metal Gear Involvement, Expresses Slight Cutscene Regret

Kotaku writes; "Metal Gear Solid, Hideo Kojima just can't quit you. After the jump, Kojima talks about his "strong urges" to create a non-MGS title as well as express his "regret" over putting all the story telling elements in the cutscenes and his ideas about how he can change storytelling in video games."

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jcfilth3706d ago

In conclusion:

The next creation from Hideo Kojima will be awesome!!

meepmoopmeep3706d ago

he's not in the Guiness Book of World Records for nothing

Kleptic3705d ago

good interview I would say...I felt MGS4 was near least as near perfect for me as a single player game can get...the cutscenes were long definitely, but when the story is that ridiculously good, it never really bothered me...

I still hated Vamp though...biggest douchebag villain in a game to date i would say...

but MGS4 isn't a game that I will be playing non stop for nearly a year...i.e. cod 4...that is mostly because I will take a good multiplayer game over a single player game anytime...MGs4 manages to be very dynamic in how you can play through it each time...but after 3 or 4 playthroughs back to back, I was more than ready to move on...I still loved the game, and respect it for what it accomplished...but at its core its a MG game obviously, which overall leaves it with fairly little replay value...

ScratchMarks3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

Oh god kotaku, grow up and get over MGS4 being a PS3 exclusive.

sumfood4u3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

Ummm everybody has to learn to live with regrets but MGS4 is a Masterpiece in the making just like the Mona Lisa, MGSonline is another story, yeah it fun when you don't involve Hackkers floating in the Air being invincible,Semi~Health Regeneration an Cry Babbies trying to kick you out all because they get their A$$E$ handed to them online. God I can even count the number of times I hear " Kick yusuke out,an been kicked out lol all because I like to slit throats with my blade 3 even when I follow the Rules" Ohh well that the Gist of it!
ThatCanadianguy420 - we R both ninja at heart an lvl 3 Blade FTW without tag teaming our skills! heres a Bubble for getting kicked out as well! lol U Rock!

ThatCanadianGuy3705d ago

Yeah i dont know whats up with people kicking you out on MGO.
I get kicked out 50% of the time.The same reason as you..level 3 blade.Then i get messages "boo hoo your a p*ssy cant use a gun? (insert insult here) man..i could swear MGO was part of xbox live.

BLuKhaos3705d ago

yeah that doesn't make sense,why is it considered a p*ssy move to use your knives instead of guns in MGO?I hate it when people complain because you kill them with a weak weapon or use a more difficult method to kill them.I mean when I get my throat slit I don't b*tch and moan about it since it was my fault for not paying attention or not reacting fast enough.

BlackTar1873705d ago

but level 3 knife is noob status it really is and only people who run around with it don't get that. You wonder why there are more people with lvl3 knife running around all the time ill tell you this its not because its easier its because noobs run around with knives grabbing you from 4x longer then the arms of the said person. sorry to break it down to you guys but i'm a professional competive gamer and knives on MGO with lvl 3 status =noobs. the serious money making gaming world considers them noob weapons just like noob tubes and noob cannons thats just how it is. Please don't think that your hell agood because you can grab someone who its blasting you in the chest with BULLETS with your knife from far away and think thats skill.\

Now Im not meaning to offend anyone Im just saying if you want to be taken seriously dont run around claiming that yhe easiet and most NERFED needed part in a game is not a noob way.

Pr3-M3d_G4M3R3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

Wow you must be some athlete then, you spend your days in the gym eating high protein meals? I'd like to know, what is a "competive" gamer?

/end sarcasm

BlackTar1873705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

Well lets see someone who has no life like me. I got a Fiance but who knows for how long. But its those people like me of course who spend all there waking hrs after work playing with a clan and see in this said clan we get sponsored or join tournament via. Gamebattles MLG, etc. then us said loser go to where the tournament is and play granted us said loser win our preliminary etc.

It came off as kinda arrogant but that was not my intention. I was just trying to say that that is a easy way out thing in that game and really unrealistic(yes i know its a videogame and people don't take 3 bullets in the chest and live. Im trying to keep it in the its a game perspective)I wasn't putting anyone down I was saying from where i stand and i agree its a noob exploit. Everyone can do it its not hard to do just lieka GL there there and you can use them but the sheer easyness of it make it a noob weapon.

Again i don't want to upset anyone or put anyone down this is the opinion of my clan and most clans who play with and agaisnt us thats all. My side.

Once again im not here to have a pissing contest I was just trying to give a better explanation of why they get kicked and it makes perfect sense now me kicking someone probably not my pride gets int he way of losing and kicking someone I want to win legitamly or not at all and thats were people who kick you and others are differnt

KBDuB3705d ago

So you are admitting that Live isn't the only online service with problems then, eh? =P

sumfood4u3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

"level 3 knife is noob status it really!" well too each its own bro! I condiser myself a assassin an luv to hide in cardboards an throat slit! I consider more of a noob status of someone hidding behind team mates an Camp spawning than running solo with lvl 3 knife. I dont usually just tag team people i prefer DM an TDM when I have room to leave! & if lvl 3 knife= noob status than whats say say about people hidding by the Porn Magazines? thats more of a noob to me than a assassin running towards you unseen an gets you! anyways everybody plays their own way an nothing means more of a noob to me than thoes who HACK right BlackTar187 ?

calis3705d ago

lol competitive gamer. That's great.

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hay3706d ago

I admit, more gameplay would be more than welcome in MGS4 but cutscenes were incredibly awesome. Great feast for "interactive story" whore like me.
Both thumbs up for Kojima's next game.

meepmoopmeep3706d ago

i agree, more gameplay and telling of the story via gameplay would appease to other gamers.

but MGS4 was still a masterpiece in my mind.
but i'm not a typical gamer and i do enjoy the lengthy cutscenes where i can see others not enjoying them as much.

m-s-8-23705d ago

People knew what they were getting with MGS4. It was no different from the previous installments in a lot of ways. People who liked the earlier games adored it (me being one of them) and the people who b!tched about the earlier games and the long-winded cut-scenes continued to b!tch about this one.

In the end, i think the game was one hell of a fan service. Now I just hope he makes a Zone of the Enders 3!!

LastDance3705d ago

can some1 tell this humble young man how a story can be told through gameplay?.....

aside from...lets say...Shadow of the Colossus....but even then...the main story is told through cut scenes....

VMAN_013705d ago

I agree with you guys while a little more gameplay would have been good the current state the game is in is more than a masterpiece its almost god like.

nos4speed3705d ago

He shouldnt regret anything, MGS4 was a masterpiece.

UltimateIdiot9113705d ago

He is a legend but he's human too. I rather he admits fault and regrets as oppose to Itagaki. Itagaki is just way too stuck up.

I can expect great new IP from Kojima because he looks for fault in his previous work and improve.

nieto3705d ago

"because he looks for fault in his previous work and improve. "

itagaki does the same but without telling us anything... what's the point of telling us? that not gonna change nothing.

Rock Bottom3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

The can explain why didn't Itagaki fixed NG's camera?

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