Interview with Resident Evil 5 Music Team - Kota Suzuki, Tetsuya Shibata and Wataru Hokoyama

Music4Games recently had the opportunity to speak with the Resident Evil 5 Music Team; Kota Suzuki – Composer, Sound Design Section, Capcom, Tetsuya Shibata – Senior Manager Sound Management Section, Capcom and Wataru Hokoyama – Additional Orchestral Music writer, Orchestrator and Conductor. Following the orchestral recording session in Los Angeles, composer Kota Suzuki is still writing and producing the electronic score and hybrid music. In this exclusive interview the Resident Evil 5 music team discusses the range of music styles and production techniques being employed for the series' most ambitious soundtrack to date.

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meepmoopmeep3709d ago

soundtrack has a lot of emphasis on the game and i hope they have a masterful soundtrack to this game. i would rather have the music catered to the game specifically than to have custom soundtracks. but other games like racers or sports should have custom soundtracks.

Killjoy30003709d ago

The RE4 soundtrack was very good. Both suspensful and eerie moods were perfectly captured.

Killjoy30003709d ago

Soooooo....It wasn't? Please explain, Zerodin.

Harry1903709d ago

about MT Framework games, but they always look much better with handson than in trailers and pictures. DMC 4 for example. I remember reading previews of how amazingly good and detailed the graphics were but I watched HD trailers it did not seem that good. But when I played the game, I was blown away by how good it looked.

I am sure it wil be the same thing for Resi 5 which I eagerly anticipate. I don't care about it becoming more action oriented.What counts is that it plays great. I f I want to feel scared and oppress, I can just play Siren which is the scariest game this gen and was the scariest game last gen too (Condemned is not far behind, but dammit, you control a Blind little girl in Siren!)

One thing Capcom always does right is the music in their game. Always very atmospheric.