Reeves: "Sometimes it's an advantage to be last in Europe"

Speaking to VG247 at Games Convention last week, SCEE president David Reeves said that Sony's announcement-heavy presentation at the show on Wednesday was thanks to only moving on service and product confirmations in Europe when "everything's ironed out" on a global level.

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xhi43709d ago

bullsh1t lol

he says its good because you get the things with no kinks.....I'd rather get the damn thing n then download the patch when it comes out...

Australia gets shafted a lot, i hope it doesn't keep happening.

cahill3709d ago

PS3 is second place in europe after wii even despite costing 2x as much as competiting consoles

This is why SONY is so confident. They know they can shaft consumers who are always SONY LOYALS

Ozzyb3709d ago

I don't live in Europe, but then again.. I don't think Sony chooses to have late releases and such in Europe. North America = USA, Canada, Mexico. Europe = How many different countries with their own regulations and procedures to be approved through? I am no fanboy and I think Sony has been more than fair in everything from dealing with problematic version updates to free content. It's pretty easy to see.

Ozzyb3709d ago

I would not defend him personally. He seems to work counter-productively to what Sony actually wants.

kwicksandz3709d ago

This guy takes spin to a new level. Instead of aplogizing for the appalling wait PAL gets put and promising to rectify the situation he thinks its good thing FFS.

The extra 6 months PAL waited for the PS3 launch didnt result in us getting a better more feature complete console, we got the cut down version. So much for ironing out the kinks.

TOO PAWNED3709d ago


I could not agree more. Sony knows that Europe is most loyal to Playstation out of 3 markets and they have been using that in their advantage in an unfair way.Giving us like you said "we got the cut down version" of PS3, our PSN store is crap compared to US store, price is way higher. And dont give me crap that here in EU they have to pay special taxes and what not. Same applys to MS and if you compare price of 360 in EU and NA is almost same, but if you compare PS3, in EU you pay like almost double.
Also Reeves is a tool, knows nothing about games, he basically only reads from papper. I really dont like him one bit.

vasilisk3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

"but if you compare PS3, in EU you pay like almost double"

As much as I don't like SCEE ans Reeves tactics you're not even close mate. PS3 60GB has a list price of 299 pounds and in the US it's 399$. So unless 299 pounds are close to 800 dollars you're completely wrong. 299 pounds equals roughly to 550$ which still is 37% increase from the US 399$ price tag, but nowhere near a "double price tag". And the thing people always seem to forget is that Xbox360 is actually a US product which means that is inevitably linked to the US$ exchange rate. Have you all noticed how much the Jeep prices have fallen over the last year in Europe?
Also there is a solution for the PSN price tag. Buy everything from the US store like I and many friends of mine do. And how come I haven't got the "cut down" version?

Lumbo3709d ago


Before making ridicules statements you should a) check your math, and b) your facts.

You claim: "if you compare price of 360 in EU and NA is almost same"

Xbox360 Pro EU : $396 (€268)
Xbox360 Pro US : $299

Aha, $400 = $300, nice of you to remind me.

Setting a price has nothing to do with shafting anyone. You sell your product at a price you believe people are willing to pay. If your stuff does not sell as much as you planned you either lower the price or rise the value. Microsoft is not lowering prices in the US because they like people so much. They lower prices to rise the sell through as the current sales are lower than they wanted them to be. Simple business 1*1... If Sony feels that their sales in EU are less than they want them to be they will lower prices or, as this time, rise the value by adding something extra for the same price.

PS: i guess you never knew, but MS points are sold at different prices in the US and EU. You pay more for the same amount of MS points in Europe than in the US. The points simply hide what you are doing as you can claim "hey, our stuff costs the same in our own fantasy currency worldwide" while at the same time taking different amounts of REAL money.

Xbox Live 12Month +1 Month free US : $45 (
Xbox Live 12Month NO free month EU : $89 (€59.99 @
4000 MS points US = $50
4000 MS points EU = $78

Fazit: Everyone sells stuff at higher prices in the EU (and australia) compared to the US Market. Thats mainly cause people have HIGHER incomes in the EU compared to the US so they are able to pay more and are willing to pay the price offered.

And hence i buy my PSN stuff from the US store :p praise the cheapo $

Vertius3709d ago

You have to remember that, in the past, there has been truth to what he says. Take Final Fantasy X for example; in Europe, we received the Dark Aeons and the Penance boss battle. In Japan, this got released as the International version...and the U.S. never got them.

Anyway, SCEE have been pretty good lately as far as releasing games close to, if not the same week as the U.S. versions. Their main failures would be the huge delay in the DualShock 3 release, and the long wait for Lair...not that anyone was moaning about the latter.

Freckler3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

I really can't see how alienating your whole European fanbase could be considered an advantage. I believe, VG247 had an article a few weeks ago questioning Sony's treatment of Europe. It kinda of sounds like they popped the question on him, and he couldn't produce a very intelligent response.

On the other hand, he doesn't seem to be the smartest bloke in the world either. Wasn't he the person that called American's "cheap people", trying to explain why the PS3 wasn't doing well in NA. I know that he said this pompous rubbish-
"The first five million are going to buy it (PS3), whatever it is, even [if] it didn't have games."

Freckler3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

WTH? You might always be loyal to a gigantic corporation that see's you as nothing more than a talking wallet. But I'll tell you mate, if you kick your dog enough, he will eventually bite you.

edit- Sorry about the double post boys.

gaffyh3709d ago

I don't care anymore, nowadays I just expect everything to come to UK last. I mean even LittleBigPlanet, IT'S MADE IN UK, but it's getting released here (EU and UK) last. WTF?

Europe always gets shafted, and not only by Sony, all the other major game developers do the same.

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3709d ago
thereapersson3709d ago

While SCEA / SCEJ seem to be doing the right things (relatively speaking, of course), SCEE always seems to drop the ball in one way or another. Then again, doesn't EU end up getting screwed over by most companies?

dericb113709d ago

They are doing there best. Like someone said earlier there are a lot of different countries they have to localize for. If you don't believe look at Eur R&C:QB (3.2GB) and compare it to the US (2.3GB). They have to do tons of little things for it to work across a lot of different places. But my question is why don't we have Dark Mist in the US yet?

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