September: Month of the Wii?

It has been a difficult summer for new releases on the Wii. Its premium titles were a physics tech demo that simulated falling blocks and a retro-roguelike staring a flightless bird. Add this to the fact that this is the first Christmas that Nintendo isn't delivering a new entry in one of its revered, long-established franchises--No Twilight Princess or Mario Galaxy--and it may seem like Wii gamers will have to postpone their dreams of software salvation until the debut of promising third party titles, particularly MadWorld and The Conduit, in the early months of next year.

But there's a potential period of relief between a summer that has been more dry than hot and a holiday season of uncertain gifts. What's more, this period is days, not months, away. September, also known as "next month," may very well be the Wii's most promising month yet with no fewer than eight titles that have a very real chance of earning both critical praise and commercial success. And not one of them is a mini-game collection.

Included is a list of these titles, along with an analysis of why they have the potential to be great, how they could fall short of that potential, and a (probably unreliable) prediction of whether they are fated for success or failure.

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Mao3711d ago

September fails hardcore. Pathetic line-up. The Wii isn't a gaming console, it's a soccer mom's status symbol for their seven year old boy or girl. The only decent looking title on that list is multiplatform (star wars) and that's not saying much.

I'll stick to my 360 and Tales of Vesperia/Infinite Undiscovery in September thank you very much. And throw the PS3 in there for October with LBP and Motorstorm.

Smacktard3711d ago

Wow, you have no taste at all. Go back to playing your MATURE GAMES FOR MATURE GAMERS %D while I enjoy bound-to-be-amazing E or T-rated titles like de Blob and Wario Land.

Also, the multiplatform Star Wars looks like it will be a forgettable tech demo at best. How many memorable, good Star Wars games are there? 3?

ChickeyCantor3710d ago

" The Wii isn't a gaming console "


fermcr3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

Every month... is the month of the Wii, like it or not.

v1c1ous3711d ago

this was the year of the playstation D:

Drekken3711d ago

well its definitely not the year of the xbox.

PS360WII3711d ago

For September I'd give it to the DS really but that's just me. Glad there are some cool Wii Ware titles coming out soon. Go downloadables :)

Cheeseknight283710d ago

Why the DS? The only noteworthy games I see that are coming out are:

Disgaea DS
Kirby Super Star Deluxe
Spore Creatures
Viva Pinata DS

If you've never played the original Kirby Super Star I could see you justifying your claim, but otherwise, it's nothing special. VP and Spore won't be as good as the main titles in the series, but I suppose Disgaea could have potential.

And about the article... I was pretty hyped up for Wario Land until magazine review scores hit the internet. Edge magazine gave it a 6, but at least Nintendo Magazine gave it an 8.8. I'll be a bit cautious about it at least.

PS360WII3710d ago

Lot more than that! Dragon Quest IV (really that's all you need to win this month ^.-), Tecmo Bowl, Sonic Chronicles, Disgaea DS, Spore, Naruto Path of the Ninja 2, Locke's Quest, Sim City Creator, and Spectrobes.

Zerodin3711d ago

This is GEN of the Wii!

Arkem3710d ago

I agree with PS360WII, it looks more like the month of the DS. Disgaea is a great game and now they added some extras and they guarantee you playing for 100+ hours. That will last me the whole month. (I don't play all day long so yes, it WILL last me the whole month.)