Far Cry 2 Dated for PAL/Australia

Gameplayer are reporting that Ubisoft just issued them with a release schedule that gives a firm window of release for the highly anticipated Far Cry sequel.

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perseus3734d ago

Maybe Asia will get it at the same time then. This and Bad Company are the only two games I've really looked forward to.

BobDog3734d ago

depends which part of asia, jpn isnt pal

perseus3734d ago

I know, I just mean in terms of general release dates. Japan tends to get the FPSs ages after everyone else. Bad Company isn't out until this week, for example.

I was just hoping that if a market as small as Australia is going to Far Cry in October, then hopefully Japan will get it at about the same time.

HBK6193733d ago

Australia is FAR from a small market, Bad Company was out months ago in Australia as well.

Australia also rarely gets games delayed beyond the US dates, there would only be a select few that do.

perseus3733d ago

No offence meant, I was just going by population. Australia has a tiny population, so I assumed the market was just as small.

Anyway, it was just a thought. I didn't know if Japan/Mainland Asia/Australia were related or not, but considering the huge population difference I thought it likely that we'd get the game at about the same time.

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dericb113734d ago

I mean it looks great but the number of shooters doing the holidays is insane. I think I might wait 6 months for this one. R2 just has more modes and then KZ2 is not to far off.

TABSF3734d ago

well ubisoft messed up all of the other Far Cry games just hope that this is good.

Crytek made this series huge and ubisoft killed it last gen.
i believe that Crysis Warhead will be a better game than this

the post says dated there no date on the thread just mid October

dericb113734d ago

Yeah really funny they didn't have a exact date. But all it means is it will be out before Gears2 and R2.