Battle The Fish of The World In Ace of Seafood On Steam Today

PixelGate writes:

''If you have ever found yourself looking at the ocean, just wishing you could play as a fish shooting your way through the waters, you’re in luck. Ace of Seafood has officially released on Steam as of today.''

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RuleNumber51019d ago

Gameplay looks pretty cool! Sharks with fricken' laser beams attached to their heads! Doctor Evil would be proud :p

PixelGateUk1019d ago

It's madness, but fun madness. #Troutwars

MRMagoo1231018d ago

I'm pretty sure it's "Frickin sharks with Frickin laser beams on their Frickin heads" but still that's great 😂

Momo1181018d ago

it's original, i'll give it that

PixelGateUk1018d ago

Beast part of the trailer is 'SEAAAL'