Is the Souls series close to becoming repetitive?

Joe from GamersFTW writes:

There is no doubt in my mind that there will be games that will, one day, be looked at and analysed in the same way that classic literature is looked at today. They will be picked apart by academics and experts, all searching for new interpretations and meanings within games; giving significance to nuances that were glazed over at a different time; people will claim that they played them while they were in college when all they did really was read the Wikipedia article on it.

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gepugg3029d ago

It became repetitive at Dark Souls 2, that was the third game in the series without too many noticeable changes. The games themselves are fantastic but they're becoming a bit too routine.

BiggerBoss3029d ago

In my opinion, they are a bit repetitive, but it's not a huge problem. First thing I noticed playing Dark Souls after Demon Souls was how there were so many rehashed areas (Blighttown was valley of defilement, bell gargoyle fight was same as maneater), however, the gameplay is just so perfect I can't stop playing.

Can't wait for 3:)

blitz06233029d ago

From has realized this which is why Dark Souls 3 will be their last... for now. They also need to start using a new engine, considering even the PC version is suffering from frame rate issues.

freshslicepizza3029d ago

not really repetitive but they should take a break from them for a couple of years. you don't really want to saturate the market with the same franchise too much unless it's a sports game.

ravinash3029d ago

I've played:
Demon Souls
Dark Souls 1

All great but it is the same mechanic, so I am taking a break from them.

thekhurg3029d ago

Bloodborne is a solid departure from the gameplay the rest of the games revolved around.

Dark souls 3 will be a nice return to the old style of combat.

PeaSFor3029d ago

I've played:
Demon's Souls
Dark Souls

skipped DS2 but you can be sure that im aiming for the platinum trophy with DS3

joab7773029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

While I agree that there is repetition, let me be the first to introduce life itself. From your job, to the NFL and all sports, to television and movies (even Star Wars). Everything is repetitive!!

Why? Because you repeat that which people enjoy. And we repeat those things we enjoy. DS 3 may be more of the same, but we want more of the same. And the reason it works for DS and many things in life is b/c it is its own thing. There aren't 4 other games a yr releasing like DS.

With that said, if they do resin a DS4 for next yr, we may be talking about annualization of a product, and that could start to get stale...a bit. But look at CoD it's reached heights of absurdity and still sells b/c ppl like it and no one else has been able to duplicate.

So, I trust Miyazaki, and from what I have seen, they didn't skimp in any way w DS3. And ine of the reasons that it's coming just a yr after BB is to capitalize on BB'S success, and ability to bring in new players. Bring it on!!!

MrsNesbitt3029d ago

I agree, use the formula that works. However, similar to training physically if you keep doing the same thing week in week out for several months/years you are never going to see change, you have to tweak a repetitive technique to make it fresh again.

Majister-Ludi3029d ago

That's underselling it a bit. To me they are underwhelming. This will be for all intents and purposes the fifth souls game. All with extremely similar gameplay and art styles. Story as always at a minimum. After the first I wanted more but at this point it's starting to feel like a yearly sports release. I know they are loved by many but I like variety. Same reason I don't play yearly sport releases or COD or Ass creed. They need a new ip something actually different not just a different take like bloodbourne.

wsoutlaw873029d ago

I disagree. I have beaten each souls game and bloodborne multiple times and I see no reason why I wouldnt want dark souls 4. The argument doesn't make any sense to me. The souls games are my favorite, and I enjoy playing them. Why wouldn't I want another? Its not like its the only game I play until the next one comes out so why would I get bored. They have changed the weapons, world, combat system, covenants, and bosses. What else do you want? It seems a lot of you have only played DS 1 & 2.

FullmetalRoyale3029d ago

Man, when they revive the series it is going to be insane! The demand for that game will be huge, I think. Stoked for three. 🙌

Professor_K3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

"Is the Souls series close to becoming repetitive?"

Seriously??? WHAT GAME INST

if its interesting its interesting

just look at FO4 an TW3

_-EDMIX-_3029d ago

In my opinion it's kind of irrelevant of course it's going to be repetitive with the understanding of attacking enemies leveling up beating bosses getting gear Exedra but that is sort of what the souls series is about in regards to grueling difficulty in trial and error I see no reason to actually change that.

You know what I would want to know? What actually is it that someone is seeking in this series in the first place? I'm perfectly fine with the soul series staying exactly the same...

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JJShredder3029d ago

After this I can probably take a few years of the Souls series even though it's my favorite gaming franchise.

From Software can get back into Armored core tho. I miss that series and is overdue for a refresh.

ScarsOfViolence3029d ago

I dislike the Dark Souls games immensely, however, I love the preceding, Demon's Souls game.
I feel that even though Demon's Souls came before Dark Souls, it just feels more fresh and challenging, there is a large amount of hand-holding in Dark Souls and I feel that this reduces the impact of the game's atmosphere.
I never really found Dark Souls difficult but it was a huge grind and it was never a grind I was happy to undertake, whereas, Demon's Souls is consistently fun and interesting and spending a large amount of time Boletaria is preferable, in my opinion, to an hour in Lordran.

starrman19853029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

How you can really enjoy Demon's Souls but have immense dislike for Dark Souls astounds me! I can appreciate that Dark Souls 2 didn't do everything right, but Dark Souls 1 was great and improved on 90% of Demon's Souls (and I loved Demon's Souls)

The difficulty was definitely higher than DeS, but I have previously got into a discussion on here about DeS and DaS difficulty - I guess it's different from person to person!

The Dark Souls series IS repetitive, there's no questioning that really - however they are just so engaging that I find the repetition a none-issue entirely.

I do hope they now work on cooking up something fresh again like Bloodborne, lets not kid though, it'll be Bloodborne 2 and we will all love it!

LightofDarkness3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

Honestly, I'm with you. Dark Souls had interesting world design and creature design but the grind simply wasn't that fun. Demon's Souls was great when it released because that difficulty felt fresh at the time and it was an entertaining playthrough. After that I expected the game design to evolve, but it never did. Bloodborne offered a nice incremental evolution, not just more verbatim Demon's Souls-like gameplay, but also got a tad grindy.

The difficulty debate has finally caused many Souls players to admit the glaring flaw of these games that I have been pointing out for years: the core gameplay isn't all that fun without the artificially inflated difficulty. It has beautiful visual design throughout, but a weakly strung along narrative to go with it. I would like to play a Souls style game that isn't all about the grind, that divorces the mind-numbing "git gud" bro legions and mentality for a more solid and polished experience throughout, that does not rely on this to obscure it's stale, meagre formula.

Alas, let the hate commence.

frostypants3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

"but a weakly strung along narrative to go with it"

It's emergent narrative, and it adds to the mystery and dream-like experience of it all. You play a guy who just woke up in crazy land, with no freaking idea of what's happening. It's the whole point. Smacking us over the head with a concrete boring traditional story-arc would ruin it. It would destroy part of what makes it special.

"the core gameplay isn't all that fun without the artificially inflated difficulty"

What does that even mean? As opposed to what? Organically inflated difficulty? That's like saying "nobody would like Witcher 3 if it didn't have artificially inflated graphics and artificially inflated story". Like...what? The challenge of a game and balancing it against being fair (which Soulsborne nails) is one of the most important aspects. What game wouldn't be worse off if the challenge or any other key component was removed?

It really does sound like you just don't like it because it's too hard and you like more story. That's fine. But don't try to rationalize it as some kind of flaw in the game.

BlackTar1873029d ago

well im the problem because i could play Dark souls 1-100 and never get bored.

wsoutlaw873029d ago

thats just silly. Ds1 and demons souls didnt have different levels of hand holding. DS1 just had an open world. It also had more things you could miss and things to discover. They are way to similar that i find in impossible to love one and dislike the other unless you got stuck somewhere because you went the wrong way and thats why you are calling it a "grind". Everyone I heard make this arguement when DS1 came out, was just being a ps fanboy and then I never heard it again. The ng+s, interconnected world, and the pvp really made Dark souls better for me.

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GreetingsfromCanada3029d ago

It is repetitive, the ending in all 3 game is th same. I get the "meta" meaning of it but dark souls 3 comes off lazy story wise.

kevnb3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

Story isn't really a factor in these games, I mean there is random lore that's kind of interesting but this isn't a story based game at all.

DragonKnight3029d ago

Miyazaki said this is the last Souls game so people calling it repetitive can rest assured you won't have to suffer through these great games anymore.

It's always easy to hate on what's popular.

DanteVFenris6663029d ago

Demon souls released in 2009. 7 years with 5 games. It's starting to get ridiculous and not enough changes are happening.

It's not what's popular it's starting to get stale

Summons753029d ago

Tell that to Call of Duty that comes out yearly with absolutely no changes. At least they do change things from game to game in the Souls games and if we are counting Bloodborne which you are, that is completely different from the core series forcing vets to completely change how the approach the gameplay.

Aloy-Boyfriend3029d ago

I've been playing this series ever Since Demon's Souls and it doesn't feel repetitive. Every game is a new challenge with new enemies and world design. Wait, you saying it is still rhe same core gameplay? You mean like every game sequel ever... Why does it need to change? So people still bitch for not being the same?

I say the people asking for an easy mode are those who would get tired of this formula quickly. Meanwhile, we who love this series for the challenge can't get enough. The core gameplay doesn't need to change.

This series is a godsend in an era of gaming where games pretty much walk yiu through the entire game with no challenge, always telling yiu want to do with a big arrow on your head.