The One Reason Too Human failed To Work

Too Human. You know how you feel about it by now. Even if you haven't played it, you probably have an opinion. And even those that had experienced the demo have come to the same realisation that the optimistic buyers have also come to: there is something wrong with the game. Strangely, it was while giving The Outfit the thirty seconds of gameplay it deserved that led to the answer as to just what it was that held Too Human back.

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HighDefinition3760d ago

Let me guess.....

Its NOT that good.

Presentist3760d ago Show
HipHopGamerShowFan3760d ago

Like HipHopGamer and I beleive, Heavy Rain looks like the best next gen looking title to date.

3760d ago
RememberThe3573760d ago

I hope you keep that out look the rest of you life...

Presentist3760d ago

Try not stalking people to other stories perhaps?

RememberThe3573760d ago

I believe called a coincidence, perhaps?

sumfood4u3760d ago

Maybe cause Videogame developers try to rush Awesome Graphics with Crappy Gameplay & Story! People would probably have better fun playing "Hungry Hungry Hippo & Connect~4!" 4~Thoes who disagree take on my challenge an play Too Human than play Hungry Hungry Hippo & Connect~4 you'll see the deference in why great games rule!

ZeroXMD3759d ago

they are bashing this game bc all of the sudden they are holding this and only this game to higher standards than anything else and since it wasnt OMFGTHISGAMEIZTEHUBERIST!!, people are bashing the crap out of it. If anyone reads my posts, they know I hate Microsoft. And for me to defend this game, it has to be decent at least and it is. It is a fun game that mixes Diablo and DMC elements and it works. Its not 10 or 9 but it isnt a 6 or 5. How many people are bashing the crap out of this game simply bc they have read reviews and bash this game without playing it? This is my first game for my recently acquired RRODbox 360 (simply bc i've had it a month and it's already RROD'd) and I enjoy the crap out of it. It has alot of flaws but overall is a really fun game.

One thing is for damn sure, this game is alot better than alot of other 360 games. people down the comment list were saying how this game is a victim of a 360 bad-game-witch-hunt. Trust me, there are A CRAP load of crappier games on 360. Madden isn't even out yet and I already know it sucks, just like the past 2 years worth of maddens have sucked. Halo's 2nd multiplayer expansion sucks alot worse than this game, and I'm not reffering to it's map pack, even tho it sucked as well (OMG you remade lockout already, WHY THE F*CK DID YOU REMAKE IT AGAIN?! I WANT MIDSHIP REDONE DAMMIT!!) Why a game you bought from Burger King is hailed as OMG-UBER I have no freaking clue and countless others.

If anyone is going to look at a game that should and could have been released 2-3 years before it's time bc it really isn't a this gen game, look at halo and its 2 multiplayer expansions. Halo was good for its time and then everyone that bought halo bought both of it's expansions. I call them expansions cause 10 hours of a non-existant story doesn't count as a full game. "Hey! there's some aliens. Shoot them. Cool, hey more aliens, but they look like ppl but also have little bubbles following them around. Forget what they are or why the aliens are here, lets just shoot them and if we want story, we'll read the books."

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marionz3760d ago

i think by now EVERYBODY knows too human just isnt fun, how many more of these articles do we need?

its getting really old people, just move on allready.

HighDefinition3760d ago

Kinda deserves all this though. IMO.

But I hear ya, should be over soon enough.

CrippleH3760d ago

It'll never be over.

People will always bag on Lair, Haze, and now Too Human is on that list to bag on.

Firstkn1ghT3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

Too Human is not in the same list as Haze or Lair. Too Human is getting an average of mostly 7's with a few 8's and 6's. Respected sites like IGN gave it a 7.8 and Gamepro gave it an 8.0. Haze and Lair averaged 5's. Not the same.

solidt123760d ago

Sorry dude, I owned Lair and HAZE and I enjoyed both of them slightly more than Too Human. But they all have short comings.

lowcarb3760d ago

I've clocked in 50 hours of Too Human and must say it's hella fun. One of the best experiences I've personally ever had in a game. This game easily gets a 9 in my book and will continue to be played. These reviews should never be taken serious and I wouldn't be surprised if the game sold really well. Such ashame this game was knocked down but oh well I guess.

marionz3760d ago

dennis does diserve this, but im still sick of seeing too human storys, just like im sick of the endless soul calibur reviews

deeznuts3760d ago

I've been a huge PS3 fan, but I ain't no fanboy. Had the PS3 since launch, and have played every big game. had my 360 a month or so and am working my way through its library slowly. I've played Haze and Lair, and they are much worse than Too Human. Seriously, Too Human is not that bad. And I don't buy my games (gamefly) so I have NO reason to defend a purchase. I've rented a game and if it sucks, it goes into the envelope right back to Gamefly, no remorse. I just returned Halo 3 and Crackdown ... I thought both were no good!

Too Human, was a tiny bit frustrating with the camera. But once I got the hang of everything, it's getting quite fun. Not perfect, not AAA, but jeez if I only played AAA games I'd never have a game to play.

Montrealien3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

Too Human stories are hot, why? Because some people hate it and are loving that the game is getting trashed, and also because some people love it and hate how it is being trashed. hence, most hater have turned it into one of the Hottest game son N4G, which is Ironic. It is not whether you talk about it in a good way, or in a bad way, as long as you talk about it.

I am enjoying it, was a good purchase for me and I don' t regret it. And I never expect the greatest game in the world for any game I want to play, I am just expecting a video game I can burn a few hour into, a lot of you have forgot why we play game I think. and I love people that defend Lair of Haze against people that thing the are bad game and blah blah blah. I love Lair, and I enjoyed Haze, despite all the crap most internet user created, this is all the Internets faults if you ask me. Outside, in the real world, people bought games like, Haze, Lair, Too Human...enjoyed them, and never game to a gaming web site.

Drekken3760d ago

Lowcarb, well I know whos opinion NOT to trust when it comes to games.

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Wildarmsjecht3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )


Ok, I know this looks bad given the article and news about the game in general, but when I clicked the link to see waht the issue with Too Human was, I was greeted with this. See why I found it funny?

The internet. Serious Business.

Bah..image wont open correctly. sec.

Chris Hansen3760d ago

I'm getting bored of ripping on Too Human. Let's stop with these Too Human articles.

UNCyrus3760d ago

oh... stupid me... I thought it was because it was a MS exclusive...

HipHopGamerShowFan3760d ago

Lets see what HipHopGamer might say, if he reviews Too Human.

Montrealien3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

Diablo was a 7 hour action RPg clicking extravaganza, notsmartPS3troll power fails to understand where to fun can be in a game like Diablo and Too Human.

zapass3760d ago

but Diablo has this unique style and sense of humor while too human just has boring pompousness

not even the same league

TheXgamerLive3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

The game has not been in development on the Xbox 360 for 10 years. They've been wanting to make it for a long time, but it's only been in development for the Xbox 360 for about 3 yrs. at it's release. You can't actually develop a game when the console hasn't even been thought of yet.

Also, if anyone has actually played Too Human yet, they most likely love it as I and most others do. It's awesome detail and Huge Huge environments and the exploring and blasting your way through levels no matter what class you chose to do it with is HELLA fun. I'm a berserker btw:)

p.s. If you also take into consideration the problems w/SK and Epic and the UE and court and then there developing there very own proprietory engine, then dev. time has been slighty better than 2 yrs. so wannabe's relax. It's an awesome game and us Xbox fans love it.

edit: It's "Too" bad that so many wannabe sony fan girls constantly troll Xbox news. Your console sucks just like you lil b1tch girls do so move on get a life, and keep on waiting. ya know I hear another lame R&K will be released in 2010. there's your hope, keep waiting.
Oh, and at it's release KZ2 will be over 4 1/2 to 5 years in it's development time, and it's still a good game but it's not going to be the ps3 savior, obviously nor was the movie that it MGS4. I prefer to play games and the game play was good but it was almost non existant compared to all the video in game. That's what ruined it. keep waiting.
you losers are lucky your eventually getting Bioshock. That's the best game that the ps3 will ever see. Your so lucky.

Kleptic3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

first of all XGamer...most reviews have nothing to do with it being a 360 exclusive...however you want to spin it...the game has been 'in development' for nearly 10 years...not on one specific platform; you're right about that...but Dennis D. has been working more or less solely on the concepts and ideas that fell into place for the game for the last decade...

and that is where it easily tops the list of failing games...all that time was spent on what exactly?...a seriously intriguing story at first, that is executed as poorly as a movie made by Boll...the gameplay mechanics are different...but are flawed in numerous areas that leave most reviewers simply bored...

the game is below average...simple as that...and the fact that the idea has been floating around in that Canadians head for the past 10 years makes it even funnier...move on...the game sucked...

and the nice try with Killzone 2...not one preview of the multiplayer part of the game left any of them with anything less than amazement...the depth, the pacing, the visuals, and the entire concept is set to set several standards for console fps really is in your best interest to simply let Killzone 2 slide from now on, your ignorance towards the title will only hurt you in the end...

and Bioshock as the best title the PS3 will ever see?...funny how MGS4 already is the best recieved exclusive title of this generation...getting perfect 10's from 3 major sites (among tons of others) that have yet to give ANY Xbox or Xbox 360 title that recognition, exclusive or not...

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