10 Changes Metal Gear Online Needs to Survive

What began as a mild curiosity, has quickly become a full blown obsession. Metal Gear Online pushes the boundaries of your everyday shooter and thins the line between RPG and CQC making it everything but.

And even though MGO has become the premier reason to bring your PS3 online, there are still major flaws getting in the way of an otherwise perfect gaming experience.

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pwnsause3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

i mostly agree with what has been said here.

MGO is fun addicting team shooter, but Konami has shot itself in the foot by not integrating the game with the PSN. i want to see konami revamp this game by integrating it to the PSN. after they revamp it, they should distribute the standalone version of MGO into the PSN.

Overr8ed3732d ago

hopefully they do like you said. Really i liked the game a lot but it got so Annoying going though all this Crap that i came back to CoD4. If they ether Re-patch the game to make it support PSN instead of the Konami code with full store interrogation. Then this game would be above awesome.

Gamekilla3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

else tired of a host ending your perfectly amazing game (because he happens to be on the other team) or people voting against the match type you chose in automatching in the first place?

i had this intense match 32 kills to 14 deaths (i don't know the standards, but thats amazing for me) and the host ends the game then later i choose TSNE in automatching, and they vote against it...


EDIT: I know the host problem exists in most games, but its just happened to me so many times in mgo as opposed to other games

EDIT2: I was playing mgo after i typed this, and the host thing happened again, i was in second place... D:

Downtown boogey3732d ago

I think MGO has some serious problems within it's infrastucture and there are MANY things that would need a thorough re-consideration. Does anyone of you use the FP sights (excluding actual scopes) or bother yourself shooting with any other weapon than the alikes of M4, AK or P90 and somewhere else than the goddamn head? Don't get me wrong here tho; Shooting headshots is always great... Except in MGO where it's pretty much a necessity and WAY too easy! And this IS still Metal Gear, ha? And what MG is all about is... Tactical espionage action, wasn't it? Take off the two first words and then you got yourself some Online action [shooter] game which is pretty much what MGO is.

Giant_Enemy_Sackboy3732d ago

the only thing missing is trophies for this and mgs4 is all i ask

adamk3732d ago

I think that's really at the bottom of the to-do list. Though integration with trophies and reward points would be nice.

SmartPS3Owner3732d ago

Some of the animations are slow for me, but that's it.

PimpHandStrong3732d ago

MGSO will get crushed by Socom

sorry kojima i dig ur sh!t but its Socom

Overr8ed3732d ago

its not Kojmia's Fault that Konami wanted to use a different online system.

Reshun3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

Laggiest game I've ever played on PS3. Really, even with everyone's friendly green bars next to their tag

EDIT: sorry, considering KONAMI tends not to use PSN as its server, I should have said "on PS3" instead of PSN

Firstkn1ghT3732d ago

Really? I was given the impression that their were was no lag in ps3 games.

PirateThom3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

Most games are pretty lag free, however MGO doesn't use PSN at all.

That said, the lag isn't that bad (I've never really had trouble with it), more tolerable than many other games.

C_SoL3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

Maybe the problem is their servers..........

Anyways, they really need to intergrade this game with PSN......

oOLightOo3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

pretty sure a lot of ppl experienced gettin killed by a player that you killed already. or rolling, grenade a player...shootin where he landed....oh wait!! his up and moving shootin at you. wtf!?

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