When 480p Is Not Enough writes "There's some interesting discussion going on around the Internet (first time for everything, right?) about how some of this generation's video games are leaving players with "only" a non-HDTV in the dust when it comes to being able to pick out the little details and tiny text. MTV's Stephen Totilo spoke out about working in the game journalism industry armed with only a SDTV, while my Kombo cohort David Oxford picked up the ball and ran with it with his own tale of being trapped with 480i in a 1080p world. Stephen says..."

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marionz3710d ago

thank god for true HD gameing, i played the wii lastnight and it looks horrible, why they didnt make it atleast 720p ill never know.

im currently gameing on my 40' true 1080p HD samsung and damn thats the way games should be played! its not even expencive to upgrade from old SDTV.

lsujester3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

I was playing COD4 on my old 24" SDTV for quite a while. While it was fun, I having problems picking out people online from any distance off. When I upgraded to my new HD, I could immediately see a huge difference. It was enough of a difference that I even went to using a G3 and M14 as sniper rifles with dot scopes and was pretty effective.

That's not to even mention getting to watch spiffy Blu-ray movies.

TheIneffableBob3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

I went from COD4 (PS3) on a 30" SDTV to a 52" Samsung 7 series HDTV and I thought that it actually looked better on an SDTV. I played better on the SDTV as well, but I probably just had to get used to the HDTV. The blur of the SDTV masks COD4's low 600p resolution well, whereas a 1080p HDTV really brings out all of its flaws.

Most other games that run 720p or higher look fine, though.

TABSF3709d ago

at first when i got my HDTV i was stunted how clear the picture was but like you said, you can see all the imperfections on some games.

i could not going back to SDTV only if i really had to. for me its 1280 X 720 P minimum on consoles and 1280 X 1024 P on my PC. only wish that nintendo give us a 720P support because like marionz said it can be horrible.

mario galaxy looks great at 576P
but zelda at 576P is shocking i have to play on a SDTV for it to look better.

JsonHenry3709d ago

I always try playing my games in SD/HD to see what a difference it makes. The only game I played where I felt the graphics were really good in Standard Definition was Gears of War and Resistance. Every other game really needs to be played in HD from what I have witnessed first hand.

However, if you are a PC gamer, then you are used to having the highest possible NATIVE resolution (none of that 600p crap) on your computer monitor. Or in my case running on my HDTV @ 1920*1080(p) natively!

sloth4urluv3709d ago

I never understood the whole "true" HD marketing thing. Whats going to happen when a new higher resolution standard comes out? Is the tv going to be a false HD tv then?

mfwahwah3709d ago

I played Burnout Paradise on an SDTV and I couldn't tell the events I completed on the map where check marked, I downloaded a map and colored in the events I did in MS Paint.

Then I got an HDTV and couldn't believe it, it was my biggest gripe about the game :P

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hfaze3710d ago

HD gaming is what brought me back to home console gaming. Coming from a PC gaming background, I got used to gaming in 1024x768 or better... Which happens to give you a BIG advantage in FPS games (where you can see other players from WAAAAAY off).

After getting my PS3 in December '06, it only took me a month before I had a 37" 1080p HDTV, and never looked back. Gaming is DEFINITELY better in HD.

Ozzyb3710d ago

I have a 32" Sony SDTV and I have problems reading some of the instructions and menus in games. I had to look in the instruction manual for Army of Two when I couldn't tell what they wanted me to do in training. The TV is big enough, and the picture is not messed up but the games just expect you to have a set that defines those edges so much better than SD. Hopefully a 42" 1080p soon.. at least a 720p.. but we shall see. Will I really notice the difference between 720 and 1080?

arakouftaian3709d ago

but they r all the same whit a 42" tv 720p is good u don't need no more, but if you have the money 1080p is the best... it depend on if u r goign to play GT5 the best thing is a 1080p tv for it but if u r going to play KZ2 720p is good, if u r going to play movies (blueray)1080p whit 120mhz is the best...

Ozzyb3709d ago

lol Thanks for the reply. The funny thing is, I think I am enough of a freak for 1080.. But I don't know if my wallet agrees with me. The price difference for equal sized sets, one being 720 and one being 1080, is around 1000 dollars, if not more. I would love 1080, but I don't know if I can justify an extra 1200 bucks.

TheDeadMetalhead3710d ago

I may need to get an HDTV before I should get my PS3, huh?

...ALTHOUGH I'm pretty sure my SDTV can be converted from 480i to 720p with one of those Convertor Boxes. Hmmmm...I don't know... :/

arakouftaian3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

but if u live in the us wait for Black friday, in all the big stores like bestbuy, circuit city n etc they have big specials sale u can get a good tv for a chip price example a $1200 for about $800 that a good saving...

madjedi3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

I really hope that is sarcasm dead, if not wow, the converter boxes you are refering to basically intercept the digital signal and convert it into a analog signal that those dinosaurs can process.

Just because it is a digital signal doesn't mean it's in hd.

TheDeadMetalhead3709d ago

I don't have time to research TVs all day!!!!

I'm not some kind of TV expert!!!!

I know computers and Video Games!!!! DAMN!!!!

How the hell am I supposed to know about this crap!!? A TV is a TV!!!!

My god!! Can't I be clueless about one thing!!? JUST ONE THING!!!!?


madjedi3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

Nobody here is, but an hr or 2 of research could not kill you, plasma/lcds are nothing at all like caythode ray tube/crt tvs.

Is it really nesscary to act like teenage drama queen with that post???

Fine ill make it easy on you

name brand tv
hdmi version 1.3 at least
contrast ratio 2000-5000+
Lcd or dlp if you want it to be cheaper
720p or 1080p support, if it supports 1080i only don't even touch it.

2 perferably hdmi ports, av jacks, optical output for sound systems, component ports.

Warranty and purchase at an online retailer, like is a good way to save money. I got my 40 inch 1080p samsung for $1150(income tax refund helped) and no shipping costs/no tax took about 2-3 days to arrive.

Frys electronics stores maybe be a good choice as well, avoid best buy they wanted $1699.99 for the same tv i bought from amazon for $1150 maybe it if is on sale.

Karebear3709d ago

They picked up a converter box that has a built in dvd player and they keep telling me how they love watching hdtv now. I took me flying my mom across the country and showing her real hd on my 72" Samsung before she would admit theirs wasn't hdtv.

I've found this is a HUGE problem in the US. People want hdtv but have no idea what it is. Stores like Best Buy and Circuit City aren't doing us any favors when they put crappy non hd signals to hdtvs in the store and people say they can't see a difference.

UltimateIdiot9113709d ago

If you're poor, you can use a monitor. That's what I did.

First thing you need to know is get a monitor with HDCP support. Most monitor made during 2007 and later should have it as standard. If the monitor has HDCP but no HDMI port, you can use a HDMI to DVI. The only problem is sound, you will have to plug in the composite cable and output sound to a speaker. If you want 1080p using a monitor, it's going to cost you at least 300.
19" will give you 720p
24" will you 1080p

wallace10003709d ago

You guys were pretty harsh on TheDeadMetalhead.
@ TheDeadMetalhead - you would get more out of a PS3 if you have an HDTV but it will work fine without one. Personally i played my 360 on an 24-inch SDTV for just over a year and a half before i got my 32-inch HDTV. Once you get an HDTV you will be amazed by the difference you see. I am not sure why those guys are being the way they are because most people know very little about tvs. If you are going to get an HDTV then i have a few tips if you wish to use them.
If you are buying under 40-inch then don't waste your money on getting a 1080p set (if you are swimming in cash then go crazy and buy the best you can :-P). If you have the money, then you want to buy screen size based on viewing distance. For example, if you buy a 32-inch tv, you want to be sitting between 48 and 96 inches away from the screen. This will give you the best picture quality.
If possible don't buy cheap to get a bigger screen size, because you can see a big difference in picture quality between cheap and quality sets. For gaming LCD is great because LCD and has almost caught up with the likes of plasma for black reproduction, but you will pay more per inch of TV when buying an LCD compared to a plasma for example. If you do get a plasma just to be safe for the first 100 hours or so you should try and not use games with stagnant images (Halo 3 hud) or watch news channels with ticker tape along the bottom (CNN) for a long period of time. Plasmas now have technology to prevent burn-in but when they are new out of the box it is best to break them in and be safe because tvs aren't cheap. The likes of CNET has very comprehensive reviews of tvs when you are deciding. If you have read this far then i hope some of that was useful and if you want more info just PM me.

TheDeadMetalhead3709d ago


...Teenage drama queen? Is that the best you can come up with?? All I was saying is that not everyone is a TV Wizard like you.



Don't worry about MadJedi. He's always hated me because I think that RE5 will come to Wii. He really does act like a 5-year old a lot.

Oh, yeah. And thanks for the info. But I think I'm gonna go for the PS3 first and see how it works for me (I have a 23" SD. It's only a few years old, and I'd hate to get rid of it so soon. Especially when it works so well). Because when I went to my friend's house we were playing some of his old SNES games on an HDTV, and they looked all messed up! And I still like my old games, too!! D=

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Shankle3709d ago

I'm still playing happily on my 26" SDTV. One thing that makes a MASSIVE difference is getting a proper scart cable.

madjedi3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

That is assuming you have a 480p tv and not a 480i, trust me a hdtv makes a hell of alot more difference, once you switch there is no going back.

I had an sdtv with monster cables, an hdtv wipes it's ass with an sdtv, all of my ps3 games look alot better on my hdtv than my old 480i sdtv, even some of my ps2 games had a ever so slight upgrade.

Either you have never actually seen ps3 games running on a decent hdtv or we are talking about 2 different things all togather.

Shankle3709d ago

Upgrading the scart cable (from the one that comes with the PS3) makes a bigger difference than upgrading from an SDTV with good scart cable to an HDTV with HDMI.

TABSF3709d ago

i sorry mate but any one will tell you that. SCART is one of the worst in the market the only reason it is used is because its one of the cheapest digital cables out there.

DVI, HDMI, YPbPr and D-Terminal 4 are the best cable for high resolutions (HD).
the max SCART can output is 576P (PAL 576P is higher than 480P and I)were as the max HDMI can output is 1080P plus there is firmware coming so to support more resolution.

Shankle3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

You're a fool. I'm talking about SDTVs. They only use SCART.

And Madjedi, I'm not saying HDTV doesn't look better than SDTV, but I am saying that the scart cable that comes with a PS3 is utterly kack, so upgrading the cable improves the picture quality dramatically, to the point where an HDTV of the same size doesn't look that much better.

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