Five Fake Achievements: Call of Duty 4

Call of Duty 4 has been out since last winter and those of you who own it have probably finished every challenge and unlocked every rank by now. So why not think up new multiplayer Achievements to entertain yourself and keep the game fresh? Here's what CB Games has come up with to change things up...

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Sillyace923733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

I just want Infinity Ward to put Trophies in this game, because before Trophies were introduced I Played the game on vetern got past a few levels and when I went to level select screen it said I only beat it on hard so I just gave up. But trophies would definetly make me want to play through this title again

Andras843733d ago

Sadly, I.W. already said that there won't be a patch :(

Kleptic3733d ago

while for the most part no one but Sony can be blamed for being late to the party with trophies and still is pretty annoying that IW/Activision won't bother patching the millions of PS3 owners that bought their game...while Criterion/EA are doing exactly that for Burnout Paradise...

cod 4 is great...I have finally stopped playing it regularly, but still get a few games in with friends every week or so...trophies would help give more incentive to play it, being that i've finally unlocked all the golden weapons and stuff (although I only did prestige once...over 12 days of playing CoD 4, and have been on 55 prestige 2 since November 2007...)...but whatever...Socom is starting to impress me a little more every week, not sure how much time I would spend with CoD 4 even if it did get a patch...

Elimin83732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

if you use cheats or unlocked items, it will only show the level which you first beat it on unless you play without using them then it registers. I guess they want you to use it without any help... i had to beat the whole thing on hardened without unlocked items.... cluster bombs, infinite ammo etc.....

enjoi1873733d ago

lol ranking up in this game is lose your guns....and you dont de-rank

DoctorXpro3733d ago

Trophies suks no reward when you unlock them. :(

Blaze9293733d ago

Its very Ironic how the same ones who bashed Achievements are now upset about the lack of Trophies on some PS3 games. They are pointless. Who cares