Don’t Get Too Excited About the PS4 Final Fantasy XII HD Remaster “Leak”

PP: The leak is as credible as Hitler’s latest tweet on how the Wolfenstein games are awful. Then again, some say Hitler never died…

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littlezizu1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Finally, have been waiting long for this remaster.

edit:- read the article, @chrish ya it seems fake. Hope dashed.

chrish19901633d ago

Whoa, hold your horses fella. This ain't confirmation - this leak has got fake written all over it in I languages, and two of them are made up.

Hoffmann1633d ago

I don't get why so many people hope for a hd remaster anyway. FFXII runs damn good on the ps2 emulator. The Japan only Zodiac Job System version wasn translated ages ago

Benjammin251633d ago

@Hoffman Yes because everyone has a PC capable of emulating Final Fantasy Xii in 1080p and 60FPS. Face facts. Not everyone games on PC or emulates games.

Dasteru1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )


My 6yo Phenom II 965 and a 750ti run FFXII 1080/60 easy. It really isn't that difficult with the current version of PCSX2. I was running it the same with a 470 before it crapped out.

n4g00061632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

Final Fantasy Type-0 got graphics upgrade, hopefully Final Fantasy XII gets a graphics upgrade too.

crxss1632d ago

It's Final Fantasy 12... What's there to get excited about? I'll be good with FF7 and XV

_-EDMIX-_1632d ago

@Hoff- what does that have to do with square?

Have you ever taken a business course before? Lol

The publisher historically ports many of its titles they just ported Final Fantasy X and X2 it is very likely 12 is going to get the same 99% lol

I mean for god sakes they just ported Final Fantasy 7 to PlayStation 4 and Final Fantasy 9 to PC I'm honestly not sure how anyone is coming to the conclusion that they are not going to continue doing such a practice that for a fact makes them money lol

RedDevils1632d ago

@crxss lol agree, I don't know why people like that game, it one of the worst FF I have ever played, beside the battle system (quite enjoyable) but story wise it just a borefest for me.

jambola1632d ago


That would be like me saying "i don't get why people are happy to get rocket league on xbox one, it was released on the other platforms months ago"

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Overload1633d ago

The leak isn't real, the remaster is 100%.

littlezizu1633d ago

There is no word on the remaster, was hoping side announcement during FFXV uncovered event but it didn't. Still hoping the announce before E3 and release before FFXV.

Hoffmann1633d ago

Yeah. SE is remaking/re-releasing as many of their games as its just a matter of time anyway.

Personally I would rather see them putting out a collection of ps1 games with some enhancements or think at Tobal 2 that was basically translated into English already but due to problems with EA and the launch of the ps2 never released in the west.

Eidolon1633d ago

I'd be happy with just a PS2 on PS4 version.

-Foxtrot1633d ago

DarkOcelet is going to be devastated :P

-Foxtrot1633d ago

DarkOcelet, a user on here, picture of Revolver Ocelot from MGSV as his display picture

Just he usually says how much he likes FF12, I thought he'd be gutted by the news since he'd probably love a HD version of it

Aloy-Boyfriend1633d ago

I am too. This is one of my top favorites Final Fantasy games. I loved the combat and the world. A remaster of this game is just needed

Relientk771633d ago

Where is he on this thread, he loves FF12

-Foxtrot1632d ago

I know right...I wonder if he didn't take this well ha

jambola1632d ago

Don't worry
You know what they say, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence

Pretty sure that applies well enough here

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sdcard4gb1633d ago

That part about Hitler tweets is hilarious :)

sdcard4gb1632d ago

I was talking about the undertext...
"PP: The leak is as credible as Hitler’s latest tweet on how the Wolfenstein games are awful. Then again, some say Hitler never died… (Final Fantasy XII HD Remaster, PC, PS4, Xbox One)"
See ?

carlingtat1633d ago

I reckon its not a remaster its a port to PC and possibly PS4/XBO at the same time.

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