Bandai Namco teases 'big Dark Souls news' for tomorrow

Bandai Namco has teased some "big Dark Souls news" for tomorrow, April 8, just days ahead of Dark Souls 3's launch next Tuesday.

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Summons751637d ago

That'd kinda of be infuriating that they are announcing DLC before the release which people are already mad about how bad they screwed it up. I want them to go "we screwed up, here's the game now since we can just give youtubers copies two months in advance to spoil EVERYTHING about a game that's about the mystery of your first time playing"

ocelot071637d ago

They have a gold edition for pre order on the PSN store. Which includes a season pass. So there sort of all ready advertising future DLC.

frostypants1637d ago

They didn't screw up the release. They had a regionally-staggered release like they've done with prior Souls games. And a few people got review copies. There's no issue. People just get jealous that anyone dare play before they do.

wsoutlaw871637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Why would you watch the videos. I havent had anything spoiled for me yet. Who watches spoilers then blames the devs?

As ocelot07 said, dlc is already announceds. Its most likely info about the dlc.

Palitera1637d ago

I'm on Dark Souls "platinum club", have played all of them on release etc.

I haven't been spoiled in any bit about the game. Simply because I don't click and watch "FULL PLAYTHROUGH PRIOR TO RELEASE HERE" playlists. Crazy, right?

TBH, I don't watch even their trailers anymore. Full blind on release.

"Who watches spoilers then blames the devs?" We have the answer right here...

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Genova841637d ago

I wouldn't call DLC, that everyone knows is comong, "big news" though. But you are probably right.

Genova841637d ago

I wouldn't call DLC, that everyone knows is coming, "big news" though. But you are probably right.

ifistbrowni1637d ago

it'd be cool if they announced all Digital pre-orders are now available to play, but that's highly unlikely.

I know I could've created a Hong-Kong account or whatever, but I figured I could wait a few extra weeks. Having 2-3 people on my PSN friends-list playing the game (one guy has 85% of the trophies!) has the wait feeling more like a burn.

I'm okay with waiting until Tuesday, I just think it'd be a cool (though highly unlikely) announcement.

Like others in the comments, I'm pretty much in total black-out for this game. All I need to know is that it's a Souls game developed by FromSoftware. I ended up buying Salt & Sanctuary earlier in the week to kill time this weekend (it's been dubbed "A 2D souls game") but I don't think I'll have to time to get around to it before DS3 launch (like I had originally planned).

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Wallstreet371637d ago

Any Dark Souls news is good DS news.

Imagine if they drop the Demon Souls Remastered news omg!!!! (a man can only dream).

Wallstreet371637d ago

You and I both!!!!! I think out of all remasters i could want that is my most wanted. To be honest id prefer that remaster over most new sequels. Imagine a remaster with the fixed arch and an extended sp campaign at 1080p/60FPS lol omgggg

I was glad i bought Dark Souls 2 remastered because i enjoyed it due to the enhanced graphics and fps as if i was playing a brand new Souls game. The difference was so notable.

rebeljoe141637d ago

I'd die over and over and over again

Der_Kommandant1637d ago

Don't play with my feelings man!

Miraak82 1637d ago

Demon Souls RM with the broken archstone (land of the giants) !!! that's be cool

GamersHeaven1637d ago

Sony owns the Demon's Souls IP.I'm betting DLC news or Dark Souls 1 remastered for PS4/Bone and PC.

Benjammin251637d ago

That seems far more likely. Bandai Namco have no say when it comes to either Demon's Souls or Bloodborne.

Wallstreet371637d ago

Yes we know Sony owns the Demon Souls ip, like they own the BB ip. That doesnt stop the news from being a Demon Souls remaster news. *hit ppl didnt expect or know BB exclusive deal would happen and guess what? Bloodborne sold over 2 million copies closing on 3 million on one console so it was very successful.

For the record i dont think it will be Demon souls Remaster news lol hence the comment "a man can only dream"

kingdom181637d ago


The thing is while they could be announcing, perhaps it goes multiplat with Sony selling them the right to remaster it. If it were to be remastered, though it would most likely remain a Sony exclusive and it would be announced by From Software or by Sony themselves.

Kane221637d ago

then sony would announce that not namco

Perjoss1637d ago

Have there been any rumours flying around about a Demon's remaster? its the first time I'm hearing of this.

ocelot071637d ago

There has been a few rumours of a Demon's Souls Remaster. Last of them being late 2015. When the Bloodborne devs posted this picture:

If these suppose insiders are to be believed. Apparently Sony Japan and From Software are working on a announced title. If this is true am hoping for Demon's Souls 2 plus a Demon's Souls 1 Remaster.

MajorLazer1636d ago

I'd explode in excitement. Demon's Soul's is one PS3 game I keep going back to constantly. I must have completed it over 10 times and I still never get bored of it.

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GrimDragon1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Dark souls remastered would be sick! I wish it was possible to import your previous character builds to new dark souls games, and game would scale to that characters level. But I guess that would be a problem for online.

BigBosss1637d ago

Could very well be Light Souls for the casual gamers who always complain about the Souls game being too difficult lol

On a serious note though, could either be a Demon Souls Remastered or game release pushed forward.

nunley331637d ago

Dark souls remastered would be awesome news but it's likely for Dark Souls 3. Demon's Souls Remastered would be huge news and would be saved for E3 for sure. News like that now would drown out Dark Souls 3's release.

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