Eurogamer: SEGA Mega Drive Handheld

Eurogamer writes: "SEGA's quite fond of its legacy, and so it should be. So much so, in fact, that president of SEGA of America, Simon Jeffery recently commented: "We're looking at Game Gear. The interest in digital delivery media and the iPhone has really caused us to look back to the past and the great golden days of SEGA gaming in all formats, not just the Genesis. So absolutely we're looking back there."

So what better time than for the SEGA Mega Drive 20 Games In One handheld to arrive on my desk for review? We can help Jeffery and company do their jobs for them and suss out which of the games in their back catalogue is ripe for a remake, while also giving you a fair idea whether to shell out for this natty little portable gaming system.

But first, let's talk about the system itself."

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