Eurogamer: Media Molecule's Alex Evans Interview

Eurogamer writes; "Who would have thought, with all the marketing millions and pretensions of cool behind Sony's PlayStation 3, that its most iconic characters in 2008 could end up being a nicotine-loving geriatric in skin-tight latex and a doll made out of burlap cloth? The geriatric, at least, was something we expected. The sack doll? Not so much.

LittleBigPlanet isn't even out yet, and already people are talking about it as a defining franchise for the PS3. It's a lot of pressure on one little studio - Media Molecule, the latest in a long series of splinter factions and off-shoots in the Guildford area, and inheritors of a tradition of game development that goes right the way back to Britsoft legends Bullfrog.

We caught up with studio co-founder Alex Evans for a chat about how the game looks, and where it's going. First off, though, we wanted to know a little more about a key theme in his recent speech at the Develop conference - the idea that making the game fun and the toolset enjoyable wasn't always about adding new things, but that many of the improvements actually came from taking things away."

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TheExecutive3708d ago

Alex Evans understands what it takes to be successful to the masses. For that, this game is going to rule the world. Its a great, great interview and one that i agree with 100%

Cajun Chicken3708d ago

Everybody should read this.