Metal Gear Online update available now, adds Survival Mode

A new update for Metal Gear Online is available for download right now. This update will add Survival Mode to the game as well as bring some changes and additions (like fixing the ‘flinch issue’ that occurred as a result to the previous update).

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sdcard4gb1509d ago

Well... Guess I have a reason to redownload the game... Got bored to death months ago...

angelsx1509d ago

I don't think Survival Mode will ad more fun to the game

sdcard4gb1509d ago

Nothing will. But at least I'll have something new to check out.
...At all.

MasterD9191509d ago

Did it seriously make sense to make online DLC for this game, Konami? I don't know anyone who plays online...Hell, I just restarted the story again and dusted off my copy. They should have made story DLC for this game as a way to earn back the respect of the gamers but instead we get a tuxedo for snake and a bunch of online modes that don't matter.