PSP Utopia- What would a Hacker-free PSP be like?

Whoohoo! Here is the first 'PSP Utopia' article. 'PSP Utopia' is a new feature that will present different scenarios or products that could make Sony's PSP the best Multimedia device for everyone in the universe!

This is the August 08' edition, this month's topic will be "A Hacker-Free PSP Universe." Hackers will most likely cry.

So you just got you PSP, you are confused on how this tiny device works. Once you figure out how the harmless toy works, you start gaming. But one day, your little mind became evil and you've come to the Hacker Union, you all the sudden decide to start downloading homebrew, hacks, and Custom Firmware. Well guess what, Sony has destroyed Hackers, there aren't anymore piracy or hackers. Don't worry, the world is now much better!

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Baka-akaB3707d ago

No it wouldnt , people wanted more than simple ps2 rehash wich is what the psp did for a long time at first .

And without hacks , less pratical uses so less psp users periods . It's one of thoe rare case where piracy actually helped the platform a lot , but of course would get blamed for all the woes in this world , by talentless devs .

theKiller3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

i wouldnt have bought a psp if it wasnt hacked!! and i think many many people bought for that reason!! so actually hacking saved the psp because its more expensive than DS and the games looks so much like ps2 so there is no real need to own a psp if it werent hacked!

but yes its damaging the software income and sales, but i still believe good titles will sell no matter how much the platform is hacked!! and it helped the hardware sales in return!!

DA_SHREDDER3707d ago

I wish I knew how to hack it though. I would love to play some NES games on it. I seen some hacks done on the ps3 too. Hiphopgamer was playing TMNT and I about died. I remember playing that game at the arcades and on my NES,, man I cant wait to learn how to get all them hacks on my gear. Maybe one of you can help me?

hay3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

I had original firmware on my PSP for some time but... Snes or CPS(oldschool CPS fan here!) emus made my mind. I don't download PSP backups but playing oldies on PSP is fun thing, even more fun than on PC cause you can play them wherever you are or even in your bed. Snatcher, dark room and psp with headphones. Cool stuff.

If you hack your psp don't go backup frenzy, PSP needs your support.

kingme713707d ago

Wow, that was a waste of time.

TheMART3707d ago

Then it would have much much less use and would be sold a lot, a lot less

BlackIceJoe3707d ago

I see no reason these games can't still come out on the PSP. I would love to see Killzone:Liberation 2 but right now Guerrilla is working on KZ2 so I would think that game would not come out until Guerrilla is done with KZ2. A new Socom game would also be cool. Plus trophies on the PSP would also be neat. So to me I see no reason these features & games could not come to the PSP. So I would love to see them come to the PSP some day.

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The story is too old to be commented.