Playstation 4: Remote Play to PC Needs Some Work

Jason Stettner of Gamerheadquarters writes "The ability to extend your Playstation 4 to computers was released today to support both PC and Mac operating systems so I decided to give this great capability a try."

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PixelGateUk2612d ago

I assumed it would take them a little longer to smooth it all out. Still pretty cool feature though

ShadowKnight2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

It works fine to me. The resolution (720P) is decent enough to enjoy the overall experience. I'm sure they will add 1080p in the future. Keep in mind it all depends on your internet connection too.

Eonjay2611d ago

I'm able to play Black Ops and do just fine. Its more than adequate. Also, did you know that you can use your keyboard instead of the controller? I haven't figured out everything but circle is Esc, Cross is Enter and arrows are arrows.

Does anyone know how to remap the keyboard?

Also, my PC automatically records when I start using PS4 Remote play but the recording was causing my game to lag so I disabled it but may go back and adjust the setting later.

GhostTurtle2611d ago

MLB The Show is absolutely unplayable.

ShadowKnight2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

@GhostTurtle Hmmm are you sure about that? I believe Rookie said he played it using this feature and said it was playable. I'm gonna try out MLB tonight to see if it works

@Eonjay I don't remember how to remap the keyboard but I believe there's a software for that though. I use my PS4/Xbox Elite controller most of the time now.

GhostTurtle2610d ago


If you play on the lowest setting it might be playable. I couldn't get my timing down on RTTS bc the input delay is slightly off. That small delay makes a world of difference.

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fr0sty2612d ago

I believe the 720p is a hardware limitation. They included a hardware based video encoder in PS4 to handle the streaming stuff, and that is the same hardware that takes care of remote play. I think that chip is limited to 720p... it originally was limited to 720p30, but they unlocked 60fps later on with a firmware upgrade.

I imagine this is one thing that PS4K would expand upon if there is one. 1080p60 streaming.

DemonChicken2612d ago

I think it's more of a connection issue hence the limitation, i.e. your connection. You can imagine the stream a 1080p would need a more beefy connection - uploading wise.

But I don't see no reason to withhold a 1080p option especially when some people has the connection to back it up.

fr0sty2611d ago

Over internet, perhaps, but over local connections, which is where most of this is, that is not the case. In either case, streaming has always been limited to 720p. PC's pull off higher res streams, which is why I believe it is hardware related.

TimeSkipLuffy2611d ago

@fr0sty Remote Play how it works always use internet to stream, I believe. There is no local connection. You can use cable connection for internet but the remote play feature would stream via internet and not local network.

Smitty20202611d ago

Yea it's an amazing feature abit of lag while playing but that might of been my upload speed

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PhoenixUp2612d ago

"This is of course the first effort from Playstation to bring the ability to play the games on PC devices"

Actually the first effort from Sony to have Remote Play functionality between a PlayStation console and PC was all the way back in 2010.

This new update is an evolution of that 6 year old concept.

skycaptin52612d ago

Indeed, meant that to refer to just the PS4. I'll send an update out.

FallenAngel19842612d ago

Sony has some incredibly impeccable timing with this update.

Back in April 2010, PS3 received an update that allowed it to have Remote Play functionality with PC.

Then in April 2016, PS4 receives an update that allows it to have Remote Play functionality with PC exactly 6 years later.

Agent_hitman2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

I personally think it's a pretty cool feature. You can now stream your PS4 games on your PC without hooking/pluging your Ps4 to another monitor just to play games, especially if you're using your PC. And also it would help to conserve electricity because you could leave your TV off.

nitus102612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

You are quite right remote streaming is a cool feature, however since my monitor has two HDMI ports. With the touch of a button it takes seconds to switch between the PS4 and the PC.

As for saving on power usage, my PC when idle or just doing some minor jobs such as web surfing or using an Office suite consumes about 40W. My monitor consumes about 20W and when I am running my PS4 (CUH 1202A) consumes about 64W when idle and 100W when playing a game (Bloodborne).

I just verified the above power values with my what-meter which monitors power to all the devices I have mentioned.

For me there is no power saving since I am using a 24" 20W IPS 1080p monitor which is shared between both my Desktop PC and my PS4.

One thing I can't test is how much power the streaming application takes since I don't run a Microsoft Operating system. As an example if I do a download on my Desktop it can add about 10W to my power usage.

If I want to play my PS4 on my 55" HDTV which consumes 167W in operation it takes me about a minute to make the change since the PS4 has a standard power lead and HDMI connection. So by not doing that I can save a significant amount of power.

Bathyj2612d ago

So what is this exactly? Your PS4 plays the game but you stream it to your PC? Why would anyone want to do that and not just play it on their TV other than if that TV is being used. I dont get it.

Vipre772612d ago

Because with remote play you don't have to only use it on a local LAN or local wifi connection. It certainly works best that way, but you can also access it from anywhere with a good internet connection if you have everything setup correctly. Traveling and have your laptop with you but your PS4 is safe at home? Fire up remote play and get your PS4 game on. Results can vary wildly doing that, but it can work.

Bathyj2612d ago

Well that makes sense I guess. No use for me but thanks for the info.

Funny how I can get 10 disagrees for asking a question. How can you disagree with a question?

Poroz2612d ago

What if the cat turns off your machine when your trying to play it somewhere else (not in the same house) :) or dog, or a power outage,or a blizzard or fucking king Kong comes and eats my ps4..Your screwed, You will then have to listen to your boring family on vacation. My NES,SNES,N64 went with me everywhere, when I was a kid. Hooking that thing up was part of the fun! It always worked and was always dependable. Now PC remote play on any TV. That makes sense. You can lug around a console but a gaming PC tower.. no way.

nitus102612d ago

You are quite right.

However the PS4 is fairly small and you only need a standard power cord and HDMI cable (a few dollars) plus controller(s) so it is very easy to take your PS4 with you if you are travelling since most hotels or residences you stay at would have a HDTV with at least one HDMI connector.

Of course this depends were in the world you are and what you are doing but if you are taking a laptop and there is internet then there would also be a HDTV unless you are roughing it and if this was the case why would you take a laptop.

nitus102612d ago

Having a monitor with twin HDMI connectors allows me to switch between my PS and PS4 in seconds so I don't have to share a TV.

Basically my wife gets to watch what she wants to watch and I can either play the PS4 or use my Desktop.

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II__BONE__II2612d ago

Ya it doesn't make much sense for me either. My PC is already hooked up to my big screen via HDMI and my PS4 is connected to the same TV so I can't see this feature being any use for me.
On the other hand!!!!!!!.....External HDD support would have been super useful. I have a 2Tb HDD in my PS4 and it's already 85% full.

Bathyj2612d ago

Eventually youre going to have to do a bit of housekeeping.

II__BONE__II2612d ago

Ya I know but it's a major headache. I already had to delete all the Free plus games to my library so now all I have installed are most of my AAA games. Problem is when your HDD gets too full you have to uninstall an older game to play a new game then some rainy day you feel like playing an old game so you have to uninstall one of your newer games. not to mention the time involved in doing all this,a problem solved by Sony supporting external hard drives.

IanTH2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

We have the same setup (PC & PS4 on the same TV), but I'll essentially use it when I want to play a little bit of something while in bed - same way I use my Wii U (well, the few times I use it anyway). I've installed it on my Surface Pro 2 and it works pretty well as a contained way to play PS4 in house, but away from the main TV.

You can also do stuff like remote in and start downloads while at work (which I find works better than using the site to try to get the PS4 to initiate a download). You obviously wouldn't do the majority of your gaming this way, but any way you might use the Vita to remote play you can now do it with a larger screen and a PS4 controller.

Another bonus being basically everything has better WiFi than the Vita - such bad WiFi on the OG Vita that I had a lot of problems with connections even when I was very close to the router. I don't have these issues with other devices running remote play.

nitus102612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )


A reasonably good monitor is not that expensive.

Since you are connecting your PC and PS4 to what I assume is a 1080p TV with at least 1 HDMI port and possibly a PC display port, you obviously need a monitor which will support both PS4 (HDMI) and your PC. The problem you will find is deciding what type, resolution and size monitor to get.

For a 1080p monitor that you wish to share between your PC and PS4 I don't recommend going much bigger than 27" and much smaller then 24". The reason being while a larger screen is great for playing a game on it can be very hard on the eyes if you are working on your PC since you actually can seen the pixels. This is why higher screen resolution are better, however they are also more expensive.

My monitor is 24" and while I would like a larger screen (curved is also preferable) when playing my PS4 that size when using my PC is fairly comfortable for my eyes.

Another thing to be aware off in choosing a monitor is it's refresh frequency in Hertz (Hz).

Most cheaper monitors are about 60Hz which is fine for PS4 games however you can get gaming monitors with refresh rates of 144Hz and higher that are only a few dollars more and these are much better for PC gaming. These "gaming" monitors can make a PS4 game appear to be much crisper especially in fast paced games.

If you are in the market for a monitor that you can connect your PS4 and your PC to, do some research and look at reviews. Also don't discount 4K monitors (especially curved ones) they have dropped enormously in price and most can up-scale although you will have to confirm this.

cd12611d ago

Bone - i think the point is you can stream your PS4 video to a different device so your TV can be used for other things at the same time. If your wife or GF demands use of the main household TV you don't have to stop playing, just get the laptop out and continue the carnage. Good functionality for most I recon.

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uth112612d ago

When the TV is being used is a big deal. If you share the TV with one or more people it can be hard to get to play the PS4 when you want to

OB1Biker2611d ago

I dont get how people can disagree with you.
Its obviously a very good reason and possibly the main reason to use remote play at home.
For me my kid is playing on the PS3 using the TV screen and remote play allows me to play my PS4 games on my tablet at the same time even if the PS4 is connected to the same TV

Lng1010102612d ago

I have my desktop in the bedroom.

nitus102612d ago

So do I and my monitor has two HDMI ports, one for my PC and the other for my PS4 (I can even swap in my PS3). With my monitor I can switch between my PC and PS4 in seconds.

yezz2611d ago


So do you just drag a 50 foot hdmi cable from a room to another? What if the bedroom is on the second floor for example. Remote play would be a much easier solution imo..

oONinjavitiSOo2612d ago

In my situation I travel quite often so as long as my ps4 is hooked up to the Internet and is in standby I can play remotely from anywhere worldwide so long as I have a solid Internet connection from where I'm trying to access remotely. It is what the ps vita and xperia have been doing for awhile now. It's a great feature to have. However if you're Internet is not very good, you are going to have problems. But for those that have have solid connections should enjoy it.

SojournUK2612d ago

Funny how I can get 10 disagrees for asking a question. How can you disagree with a question?'

Dude, welcome to n4g, where people disagree, downvote and report posts for no apparent reason.

Cue me having yet another bubble removed...

kmeck5182611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

It's great for me because I can play when I've got down time at work.

bub162611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

Some people have partners/kids who watch tv, it's easier to remote play then kick them off and have them moaning saying their bored

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Christopher2612d ago

Not really newsworthy. They already said PC streaming was at 720p only currently. So, just telling us that it's 720p streaming.