Xbox 360 HD Movie Download = Success

Looks like Microsoft has hit it big with their HD Movies and TV downloads service, probably better than anyone expected. People's craving for HD movies downloads over their Xbox Live service was underestimated when everyone said that this service will go bust because there are many other similar services available.

Gizmodo has an interesting material in which they reveal that the Xbox 360 movie downloading service is doing much better than its main competitors are, services such as Amazon Unbox. According to them, consumers are "lukewarm about downloading movies for playback on PCs". This is not surprising, since many Xbox 360 owners are already playing their console games in high definition...

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sbeirs5237d ago

who is the girl in the picture and what does she have to do with the story

benny o klaatt5237d ago

angelina jolie (yum) from mr and mrs smith, probably available to download. the film that is not angelina

gamekiller5237d ago

I would defo pay to download angelina if you no what I mean, and it would taker a long time or on second thoughts probably not ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.