Final Fantasy IV is the Best Final Fantasy

Gamemoir’s Nick D. makes a case for Final Fantasy IV being the pinnacle of the series in this fourth segment of a 14 part feature “Every Final Fantasy is the Best Final Fantasy”.

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TFJWM3025d ago

While IV was great I still think VI is the best.

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GrubsterBeater3025d ago

I agree 100%.

FFVI, then IV, then VII.

fenome3025d ago

VI is at the top of my list too.

3-4-53024d ago

* The "best" game in any series is the one you personally enjoy the most.

TFJWM3024d ago

Thanks man, who knew...

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JetP06193025d ago

this is really based on the user experience each individual had. personally for me it was 8 and 9. but someone else can argue its 12 or 7 or something else. theres no such thing as the best final fantasy. alot of them were great and the best during their time.

VJGenova3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

IV, is my favorite overall and has my favorite story, fake out deaths aside. If the final chapter was just those 5 characters, and all their friends were dead or crippled, i think it plays a lot better. Having all but Tellah alive and about zaps some of the urgency.

XII had my favorite battle system.
X had my favorite level system.
I is the first i played (know that is not the case with everyone) so it holds a special place.

I couldn't finish II. HATED that level system.
III and V are good in that class changes are amazing.
VI is a close 2nd on story
VII ... 3d blew me away
VIII I shunned on release but it had grown on me.
IX I played once and don't remember much about it.
Didn't play XI or XIV

And XIII is a giant piece of shit. Too many side games to comment on those, but mystic quest was the first one i beat. I didn't have the patience to finish I when I was 5 ...

fenome3025d ago

Great list, give IX a go though, it grows on you, I really ended up liking it. and yeah, XIII is a big heaping pile...

Dasteru3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

IMO, IV is the third best after VI & IX.

Overall rating would be probably:

1: VI
2: IX
3: IV
4: XII
5: V
6: VII
7: X
9: III
10: I
11: X-2
12: XIII-2
13: LR
14: II
15: XIII

@Genova84: You really should give IX another try. It is a great game.

fenome3025d ago

Great lists all around! I hope this one gets up there with the rest of them, but I'll wait and see what happens..call me jaded..but I really hope this one comes back strong.

pixlz3025d ago

I love IV and IX best.

A lot of the games had kinda poor endings. VI and VII poor endings. Otherwise those two would also be tied... IV and VI are both games I leveled my guys up to 99. :)

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shinoff218384d ago

If only they didn't screw ps4 owners over with a physical release. I'd have ran through this in a heartbeat.

LG_Fox_Brazil84d ago

The first one I played, it was the one that made me fall in love with JRPGs and is still my favorite to this day. A masterpiece