Five Things That Make the Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo Worth Exploring

A look at some of the unusual features of Square Enix’s unique preview of their upcoming blockbuster RPG.

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MeteorPanda3024d ago

omg. it's a 15 minute tec demo that's free. get over yourselves with this clickbait "5 things you need to". go outside.

CJ64Bit3024d ago

That's not very useful criticism.

MeteorPanda3024d ago

Who wants to read a 3.5 page analysis on a tec demo? You want criticism? Am l a teacher now in the field of journalism to give out pointers all of a sudden? I'm annoyed people are writing articles on a tec demo that showcases a few things in the game and treating it like a finished product.

CJ64Bit3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Tec demos are just as valid of an experience as anything else, they provide the player with content. If you honestly believe that people shouldn't write about it, give reasons why instead of using blanket statements and negativity. Writers cannot grow without some sort of criticism and by throwing off the article so quickly by deeming it 'clickbait' you're not being fair to the writer. Read through it and say how to make it less of a 'clickbait' piece, give your opinion positive or not because writers will always value genuine criticism that helps them improve. You have the ability to change how articles are written by doing so, but by meeting this with preconceived negativity, you're not helping the writer or the site's content grow.

MeteorPanda3024d ago

You have the standard click bait article title. this is already setting a negative look on whatever you've written, it's lazy and aimed at 12 year olds.

I'm not going to read your article cause that'll make me throw your own filler sentences back at you and l'm not that much of an asshole.

CJ64Bit3024d ago

You do as you like, as for us we are running and maintaining a site. The writer of the article (who, in fact, is not me) wanted to write about the demo, and thought this was the most concise way to do so. If you do not like the article, that is fine, but there is no way to know what you actually think about the piece until you actually read it, and until that point there is nothing of value you can give in terms of thought or criticism. We are still putting our thoughts out there, whether it be in a piece you have predetermined to be 'clickbait' or not, and will continue to regardless.

Adrian_v013023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Don't listen to him, his mind is already made up that this is click-bait without actually reading the article.

It was a nice read, but the writer seems to assume the dream sequence of the demo will be connected to the main game. This is not the case as this is something made only to show the game's mechanics.

Also you should refrain from titles like '(number) things that (rest of title)'.
They are very overused in this day and people generally don't like them as they generally show a lack of creativity to come up with an original title.

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belac093024d ago

i liked the article. i liked the demo too so whatever.


Here Are The Games Leaving PS Plus Extra & Premium In May 2024

Here are the games that will be leaving the Extra and Premium tiers of the PS Plus subscription service in the month of May, 2024.

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gold_drake93d ago

crazy, glad i own the ones i wanted to revisit and play

ChasterMies93d ago

Absolver Downfall
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VIII Remastered
Final Fantasy IX
Final Fantasy X | X-2
Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age
Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition
How To Survive 2
I Am Dead
Last Stop
Moster Jam Steel Titans 2
My Friend Pedro
Sundered Eldritch Edition
The Artful Escape
The Messenger
This Is The Police
This Is The Police 2
World of Final Fantasy

Asterphoenix93d ago

Glad that I absolutely can't stand subscription services.

Petebloodyonion93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

I don't recall Sony forcing you to subscribe like nobody forced you to go to Blockbuster to rent games instead of buying them.

SonyStyled93d ago

Pay-per-view was almost cheaper than the cost of gas and rental fee from Blockbuster. Blockbuster doesn’t exist today. Are you being sarcastic?


Final Fantasy XV Review – A Royal Road Trip

Gary Green said: With my fondness for (most) Final Fantasy games and my side goal of finishing off games in my collection with loose ends, a return to Final Fantasy XV seemed inevitable. It also serves as my third Final Fantasy platinum trophy after VII and VIII, a reasonable substitute since Final Fantasy IX is nigh on impossible to master.

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Final Fantasy 15 director reveals why he left Square Enix, and announces he's working on 2 new JRPGs

Final Fantasy 15's director has revealed why he left Square Enix back in 2018.

Hajime Tabata famously resigned from Square Enix two years after Final Fantasy 15 shipped in 2016. In a special livestream at the time, Tabata announced his decision to resign from the company, cancelling three of four new story-focused DLC episodes for Final Fantasy 15 in the process.

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Knightofelemia225d ago

FF15 is like FF13 its subjective people either like it or hate it.

raWfodog225d ago

I liked it. I haven’t played the royale edition yet but I’ll get around to it one day.

gold_drake225d ago

no no, 15 wasnt trash.

15 had a tremendous difficult development.

FinalFantasyFanatic223d ago

I really believe 13 was better put together and more complete than 15 ever was.

EternalTitan224d ago

Found the pathetic troll.
How is your jobless life going?
Dot worry, you will never get a job or a girlfriend haha!

Hofstaderman225d ago

Man inherited a train wreck and was expected to release this game in under two years after it spent a better part of a decade in development hell. At one point there was even plans to make FFXIII Versus a musical. He did what he could.

TheColbertinator225d ago

I didn't care much for XV and I always wanted the original vision of Versus XIII but I think the dev team did what they could to salvage the project

Inverno224d ago

And yet people still blame him for the game turning out the way it did, rather than SE for the horrible mismanagement of 13 and Namura for being overly ambitious.

Dwarrior225d ago

Whatever the behind-the-scenes went on over the many years, at the end of the day it was a radical change in direction that I could not go along with. Also why I never bought 16.

gold_drake225d ago

this is also why Sakaguchi (spelling) left.