Video Gamers Getting Younger

From the article: "In June and July, when The Yomiuri Shimbun carried a series of articles featuring the effects of video games on children in our lifestyle news pages, we received more than 150 letters from readers who said they were worried about their children being addicted to video games. Reading the letters, I realized that video games can present parents with serious problems.

In a survey conducted last summer by Goo Research via its Website for primary school students, about 80 per cent of respondents who were primary school students said they played video games.

Among the respondents, 30 per cent of boys said they played for more than three hours a day. According to the survey, while some families had rules for playing video games, including a limit on the amount of time spent playing, 35 per cent of families had no special rules."

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Harry1903733d ago

unfortunately I am getting older.

CNIVEK3733d ago

That's FANTASTIC news, since my 37th birthday is coming up Sept. 30th. I really wasn't looking forward to my 40s anyway. :p

kamakazi3733d ago

i was 5 when i started (26 now ), (which i assume alot of us where growing up during the atari era) the only reason this is bad nowadays is because we can actually hear these kids rambling on and using newly discovered curse words online. the only thing i had to curse at back then was E.T (yes i owned it :( .....)

SaiyanFury3733d ago

I wasn't aware that the admitting age for video gamers had changed. I started gaming at age 6 and most of my friends a year or so after. Unless babies are grasping controllers instead of rattles, I don't think the admission age for gaming has changed.