A List of Life Events During the Final Fantasy XV Development

Evan fro Bit Cultures writes: "As any fan of Final Fantasy knows, the long awaited arrival of Final Fantasy XV is set for September 30th of this year – 2016. Having been announced in 2006, I’ve come to realize just how much time has actually passed – and how many important life events I’ve weathered – since the game’s announcement at E3."

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DiscoKid925d ago

Ten years. I graduated from high school when it was announced. Doesn't feel that long, though.

indysurfn925d ago (Edited 925d ago )

I't has felt like 10 years for me. Too bad it is a different kind of game. I was going to buy it anyway. But after playing the demo, meh. They should not have allowed people to play the demo I think it will do way more damage than good. (for sales). Some people like it thought so. MEH!

indysurfn925d ago

Oh I MAy pick it up very used. HURRY up FFVII remake!