Retailer lists Halo 3 for October 1

Keen-eyed internet surfers may have discovered Peter Moore's next release date-related tattoo, as US retailer Walmart has slapped a US release date of October 1 on Bungie's Halo 3 on its website.

Although most would usually snub the date as little more than retail guess work, the product page has since been taken down, sparking internet speculation that the retailer has indeed let slip the official release date for the sequel.

So a big whoops and bean spill, a Microsoft conspiracy or simply retail error?

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T-Virus5237d ago

is f**k up on Walmarts part. Only reason it was took down was Bungie was probably getting a lot of e-mails asking whether it' true or not so kindly asked Walmart to take it down. My theory anyway/

Boink5237d ago

it would come out in november if anything, same as halo2.

Sphinx5237d ago

I'm thinking November. October isn't close enough to Christmas to help convince those late adapters to choose the 360 next holiday season.

calderra5237d ago

Back a page in history:
Wal-Mart has listed Halo 2 as shipping April, 2003.
Wal-Mart has listed Halo 2 as shipping November, 2003.
Wal-Mart has listed Halo 2 as shipping October, 2003

grunt3605237d ago

I'm gonna sit on the fence with this one.

Amazon and other game retailers have put estimations for the release date and they have kept it up. And it would be a sensible release date anyway if it were true.

Now it seems wierd that they have suddenly taken down the date unless maybe someone put it on their site without permission.

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The story is too old to be commented.