Is God of War 4 set to take us to Valhalla?

Joe from GamersFTW writes:God of War is one of the most iconic gaming series to ever grace the PlayStation; any gamer would be able to recognize arguably the angriest protagonist to a game ever, Kratos: the ghost of Sparta. God of War managed to make itself synonymous with Greek mythology in video games, by creating a 3rd person action game that was tons of fun to play, looked amazing, and proved to be epic on a scale that most games could only dream of.

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c00lvilKid693028d ago

'We’ll probably have to escape from the Nordic equivalent of Hell, since Kratos managed to escape from Hades more times than he had quick-time sex.'

That was such a weird minigame. It was a minigame, wasn't it? A friend showed it me one time and it weirded me out.

Also, this sounds like a good move. Everyone likes Norse mythology, don't they?

snellings3028d ago

Sounds like an excellent idea. There wasn't much else to be done with Greek mythology, and I'm happy that they've decided to continue with the story. I for one like the idea of Kratos continuing through time as the last remnant of a dead religion, leaving a path of deities in his wake. Norse mythology is a good move, full of blood and battle. My mouth is watering, thinking of the potential for upgrades and power ups, like Mjolnir or the staff of Odin. And, if successful, this can definitely pave the way for even more interesting locations. Maybe they'll bring us to Egypt next gen, or go to the new world so Kratos can battle it out with the Incan gods. But, I suppose I'm getting ahead of myself.

Yukes3028d ago

Agreed. So many gods for Kratos, or a descendant or some such, to murder brutally! It definitely makes sense to move to different mythologies - I was pretty tired of the Greek mythology in God of War after GOW2 personally.

Aloy-Boyfriend3028d ago

I'm really confused. There isn't a Gof of War in Norse Mythology. How will Kratos and the name fit in? Let's see how SSM accomplishes this. Hopefully is a new character

Bahamut3028d ago

A new character would be nice, but they could always cross him over somehow.

Kratos02893028d ago

Incorrect Odin was the God of War and death in Norse mythology he chose what warriors who died in battle to join him in Valhalla, having Kratos go to Norse mythology was the next setting David Jaffe and Cory Barlog had planned for the series

OB1Biker3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

Id love a new character but it looks like Kratos is back, with a beard. Or maybe he s not Kratos ummm

Kratos02893028d ago

That's definitely Kratos, he still has remnants of his old Spartan skirt and you even make out the scar in his stomach although his ashen skin is gone then again this is a placeholder

TwoForce3028d ago

If you look closely Kratos skin, he is no longer pale. He much more human this time around.

I_am_Batman3028d ago

We shouldn't read too much into concept art. Kratos might still be a part of the game but doesn't nessessarily have to be the protagonist. Also a lot of things can change during development and since we don't have all of the concept art it's impossible to say wether or not Kratos will be the main character of the game.

SlightlyRetarted3028d ago

It would be pretty genius to introduce a completely new character into this, but bring very well known visual aspects of Kratos over, like the tattoos etc. Something old, something new.
I really don't care if there is a new character or Kratos. I just want a new GoW game.

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Malphite3028d ago

Couldn't they just change the name to "God of [insert diffent theme]". They could keep the font and design familiar so that people recognise the franchise similar to the "Tales" games for example.

vikingland13028d ago

Týr was also a god war of in Norse mythology.

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ZaWarudo3028d ago

I hope i can play testicle tug-of-war with Loki.

DEEBO3028d ago

This would be great!

Hate thor but love kratos,i want to rip his head off like in god of war 3.